SPOTLIGHTS!! PlaneMad is here

Okay, i might have given the blogging bandwagon a pass, a couple of years back. But that’s cause i thought I’d do something noble, like contribute to the worlds largest on-line community project. Thus was born User:PlaneMad. Three years later, i realised that i was giving up sleep for the sake of sharing information with the world. I knew i was going mad. I was like an  addict who needed rehab. Maybe blogging can distract me?

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6 responses to “SPOTLIGHTS!! PlaneMad is here”

  1. Navaneethan Santhanam says :

    Hey man, you’re in Venky? By the way, I’m ‘nsantha2’ from SSC. Nice to see that you blog.

  2. planemad says :

    Hi nsantha, how’d you stumble by here anyway. Blogging, well i thought i’d polish my poor writing skills and take some time off from my wiki madness.

  3. Wascally Wabbit says :

    Nice to see that you’ve got a blog. Gr8 work.. It sure is addictive 🙂

  4. planemad says :

    Thanks mate. Right now im working on how to steal traffic from Sagaro’s

  5. Navaneethan Santhanam says :

    I happened to read Sagaro’s blog, and saw your comment there – since I spend a fair bit of time of SSC, my attention was drawn – so, decided to check it out.

  6. Wascally Wabbit says :

    Ha Ha..let’s see..

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