Ordeal – Chapter 1 – Missing the ride

You know your life sucks when you have to attend college on a Saturday. And it sucks even more when your early morning ride to the bus stop decides that he cant wait an extra minute for you to show up. So I’m outside my flat at 7:15 calling AJ up.

me: Oy where are you?
aj: Sorry, left without you
me: No problem, just tell your dad to drop me.
aj: .. *click*

That’s that then, i take a brisk 1km walk to my stop covering the distance in about 8min, and am a whole 4 minutes ahead of my college bus’ normal arrival time. I turn the corner of the street and i see my cream colored college bus taking off, minus one student who is left behind cursing at his bad luck. This was turning out to be real shitty as my college is located in an uninhabited place called Pennalur, which happens to be 35kms from where i stand.

Now i’m left with the following options:
1) Get back home – tempting, but I’m not willing to give up at this stage
2) Get an auto to Saidapet for Rs40 and catch the college bus from there.
3) Take a public transport bus to Saidapet for Rs2.
4) Take public transport all the way for Rs15


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11 responses to “Ordeal – Chapter 1 – Missing the ride”

  1. Divya says :

    Well.. Have been a silent reader of your blog till now but couldn’t refrain myself from commenting.. seriously, u can wake up early n catch the college bus rather than missing it and drawing such complicated maps and making it sound like an oRdeAl!!

  2. Create&Destroy says :

    Lol, I missed my college bus on the second day, and was despearate and also felt I shouldn’t be late.

    Didn’t know logistics and how to get there, even if I tried, I knew i’d be really late.

    So I took a taxi and paid Rs. 500 to get dropped at college.

  3. Wascally Wabbit says :

    Rs.500?? to S.V.C.E?? you must be seriously rich, would love to get in touch with you 😉

  4. planemad says :

    tch tch wascally, this coming from a guy who gifts his friend’s video ipods 😛

    1) aj provides transport to the bus stop from my home, but the idiot sometimes goes early without informing me or just doesnt come at all. So not my fault really 😛
    2)the map is no big deal, its part of a much bigger project.
    3)i needed to do something to blog about 🙂

  5. Divya says :

    1)whoever that aj is, i dont know.. sad story[:(].. create more possibilities to get to the bus stop from your place..or go early with that aj[:P]
    2)oho..bigger project*rolling eyes*… like what? drawing maps to all far away colleges and selling them for a livelihood eh??[:P]
    3)he he.. i expected this one.

    P.S:Me an Arts college student.. i hardly travel for half an hour a day[:D].. So, i do sympathise with your situation..

  6. Divya says :

    BTW.. how do i get those smileys?? I am new to these blogging stuff.. 😐

  7. Divya says :

    heh.. i got it.. without brackets.. alright!:)

  8. planemad says :

    ^ you just did it 😀


    The map thing is secret. The world will know soon enuf 😈

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