Ordeal – Chapter 2 – The Gods must be crazy

Heres the deal. I got 35km to cover within 1.5 hours if i gotta make it in time for class. Now if you’re wondering why its such a big deal, its because i live in India where road space is shared between vehicles having various number of wheels and hooves.

Now, my college bus which i just missed can be caught at a place called Saidapet, 4km from home if i can get there fast enough. I have a choice of taking a 3 wheeler (yes, three) for Rs 40 or public transport for Rs2 ($0.04). It just so happenes that an MTC bus comes rolling by heading in the same direction. So i hop in (more of a high jump), satisfied with myself for having done my bit to reduce global warming and saving a bit of money that i can later use for buying candies.

The bus is surprisingly empty,so i quicly buy myself a ticket and settle myself for the 10 minute ride. Two minutes later, we are overtaken by another of my college buses and i am now convinced that the gods have decided to jerk me around today.

As we near Saidapet i see two of my college buses ahead picking up the last few late risers. It didnt wait to pick me up. My frustration was akin to a guy sealed in iron pants dropped into a room full of hot naked chicks.

Now my only option is to take an MTC bus to coll which means theres no hope of reaching on time.

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