Ordeal – Chapter 3 – Conned by a schoolgirl

She conned me

I was now a man on a mission. I had decided to overcome every obstacle god would throw on my path to college. This is of-course not to be mistaken as dedication towards my college or studies, but a love for challenges in which the odds are stacked against me. Just because fate shot me in the balls four times in a row within a span of 30 minutes doesnt mean i’m going let the forces dictate my life.

Its now 7:45 and am standing in Saidapet bus station waiting for the Sriperumbudur deluxe bus (deluxe refers to the deluxe fares charged that are double the normal ones and has nothing to do with comfort). Getting impatient, i head to the time keeper’s shack which looks abandoned. I spot a bus conductor wetting the wall a few yards away. I let him take his time, and once hes all zipped up, i ask him when the next bus will arrive. He looks at me as if i asked him the radius of the moon. As the question sinks in, he tells me that it should be along any moment now. This, in India means “10 minutes to a few days”.

I decide theres no point waiting and switch to plan B: Take one of the many buses that go to Poonamallee, which happens to be a nasty little town that normal people avoid. But from there its much easier to get a bus to my college.

I spot a route 54 bus to PML and jump in. As i sit down i catch the eye of a young schoolgirl. She looks at me for a moment and heads in my direction, and to my surprise sits beside me. This was unusual for two reasons: 1) In Chennai, two humans of the opposite sex dont sit beside each other on a bus and 2)There were two completely vacant seats in the ladies section. So i decide to leave the customary 1inch buttock-buttock buffer zone between us two. The girl, however seems to have something else in mind and decides to replace this space with herself, and then starts looking at me. This is clearly one of the pitfalls of having good looks, being molested by desperate schoolgirls.

So i initiate conversation. I find out her name is Sukanya and she’s in the 7th grade at some school in St Thomas Mount.  After a 5 minute chitchat, i decide to look away, not wanting to encourage her. Clearly she wasnt taught the concept of not talking to strangers. 10 minutes later she looks at me and asks: Anna (big brother), can you do me a favour?
me: Yeah sure, tell me
girl: I need some money to buy a ruled note book for maths
me: Umm ok, but should’nt you be asking that to your mother?
girl: I did, but she told me that there was no money in the house
me: so how much do you need?
girl: Rs 20
me: *Wallet becomes lighter by 20 bucks*
She opens her bag to put the cash in and i notice what looks like a new notebook with the word ‘mathematics’ scribbled on the label.
me: (oh oh!) Can i take your photo?
girl: what? nonono. my mother told me no one should take my photo. *Hides her face behind her hand*
Now which mom tells her kid its okay to talk to unknown adult boys but not to have your photo taken?
me: Wheres your school?
girl: Why do you want to know? *the bus stops and she quickly gets up and makes herself scarce*

Awesome, conned by a 12 year old girl. What next?

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5 responses to “Ordeal – Chapter 3 – Conned by a schoolgirl”

  1. Sagaro says :

    //me: (oh oh) Can i take your photo?

    Cha… you child molester…

  2. planemad says :

    Hey, i was the victim here 😛
    And well, i happen to have an interest in portrait photography. Now that she had her 20 bucks, the least she could do was give me a smile.

  3. shills says :

    hahahahaha.. arun! that would have surely been some experience!! and you tell me about trustin people and too fast! very well written!!

  4. Tron says :

    Jailbail alert!

  5. Tron says :

    Oops, that was supposed to be “Jailbait alert!”

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