College brain fest and the poster boy

Its that time of the year in my college when all the third year students suddenly feel important and responsible. Im talking about the department symposiums. A prestigious event that takes place once a year, organised by the third years’, dirty work done by the sophomores, ridiculed by the final years’ and barred of freshers. Every student awaits this chance to prove himself and get some recognition to rid himself of that stubborn loser tag.

The symposium is however underfunded and over-hyped, so i decide to give it a pass and watch all those enthu fellows work hard and sweat it out instead. When the faculty had announced the date of my department symposium ‘Panorama’, three weeks ago, my class buzzing with excitement. Losangs (loser gangs) began coming up with ideas to outdo their rivals, committees and subcommittees are formed to divide and conquer the work. Fancy names like president, executive, treasurer, secretary etc. are doled out to staff pets.

In a few days time politics begins to raise its ugly head, there are rumors flying around, gossiping in the back benches, fights in toilets, classmates begin to go missing, mutiny, accusations, impeachments, the whole lot. In a couple of days however things begin to stabilise as alliances are fromed and common enemies get eliminated.

I however remain an entertained spectator until one day, Prad, the class overachiever tells me that he’s looking for someone to design a poster for the symposium of this hep organisation in college called “Forese” (pronounced fore see)  apparently focusing on management for engineers. As a creative genius, i was very interested in this line of design work. So i dig deeper about this mysterious group that i havent heard about and i find out that the number of girls in there are quite acceptable, so i take up the assignment. Now all is well, till i submit my first design and it is diplomatically ripped apart. For starters no one tells me that these folks spell ‘Capital’ as ‘Kapital’ which is what they seemed to have named their symposium because Kapital sounds so much kewler. Now i begin to get ideas ranging from wierd to irrational from the other members. One of these was having Laloo Prasad portrait as a symbol of the modern Indian marketing guru. So i am sitting at my pc admiring how Laloo’s great PR has brainwashed the world into thinking that he singlehandedly made the railways profitable. This was all very inspiring for me and decided to do some cheap self publicity myself. The next day, i presented this poster to the Forese committee for review.

Poster - Kapital 07

‘Kapital fy07′ was held yesterday and had a huge turnout, bettering all previous years’ numbers. My poster made it  to over 100 colleges in the city and was even pasted on the windshield of each of my 50+ college buses. The buzz around campus however was about the mystery guy in the poster.



I just realised that the website mentioned in the poster doesnt exist. For those interested to see our pathetic symposium websites do knock yourselves out at

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4 responses to “College brain fest and the poster boy”

  1. Navaneethan Santhanam says :

    Don’t you mean ‘kollege?’

  2. planemad says :

    I really get annoyed when people use such fancy spellings. I told them straight away that it sounds like a desperate attempt at sounding cool and to change it to Capital.
    The name stuck, and they thought i was an idiot.

  3. Navaneethan Santhanam says :

    Yeah, those dyoods must’ve thought they were pretty kewl. I know such buggers and long to whack some sense into them.

  4. Gops says :

    Lol dude…LOL!!

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