PlaneMad’s travel guide: How to reach SVCE, for late risers

 chennai schematic map sri venkateswara college of engg

Being a late riser by nature, the biggest mistake i ever did was probably joining Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering. The college is located so far away from Chennai that quite often students find themselves taking a trip down to Bangalore for a quick drink on those really boring days.

The college however has been grateful enough to provide decent transport to and from the insti with a fleet of over 50 buses, easily one of the largest and most speedthirsty college bus fleet in the city.

Unless you stay outside Chennai, in places like Anna Nagar etc, you have to be at your stop by 7:15am, which can be quite a nuisance for people like me. It was precisely for this reason that i spent my first two years in the SVCE hostel (read jail), happily sleeping away upto 930am.

Now however, i have moved back to the city and have missed the bus about 15 times in just 2 months, but turning back home to sleep only thrice. The numbers speak for itself, clearly making me an expert on reaching college even when the bus has left without you.

Coping with the loss of your free ride early in the morning requires complex therapy, including anger management, yoga and toilet training. If you are a really dedicated student and want to reach your beloved college, then my map could be what you are looking for.

How to get to Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering – A handy map for enthu students

A word of caution though, the road to SVCE is one that is both dangerous and terrifying. Even some of the worlds greatest explorers will think twice before setting off on such a journey. Also special mention has to be made of Poonamallee, a top contender for the worlds worst human settlement. Also inform your buddies before leaving, so that they can trace your body easily.

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10 responses to “PlaneMad’s travel guide: How to reach SVCE, for late risers”

  1. Suraksha says :

    Also special mention has to be made of Poonamallee, a top contender for the worlds worst human settlement.
    I swear! 😐 And we’re forced to go through it EVERY morning – sheesh!

  2. planemad says :

    Not really, as the college buses bypass PML. Or do you travel by the Poonamallee special?

  3. Gops says :

    Annanagar outside chennai?????Seriously!!!

  4. Marc says :

    Why are these bloody colleges so far away? Without buildings on and around the campus for students like in foreign universities, travelling is a pain.

    My college is 25 km away. When I miss the college bus, I simply go back home and have a nice holiday. Screw the attendance percentage.

  5. planemad says :

    Simple, torturing us makes them happy. Cmon after 4 years of engg you must have got that one 😛

    But once i’ve already woken up at 7am and at your stop, its horrible to return home, feeling like you’ve failed your mission. So i go all the way just for the heck of it 🙂

  6. Marc says :

    No wonder. You wake up at 7 to get a 7.15 bus! I wake up at 6.30.

  7. planemad says :

    let me guess. jpr?

  8. Marc says :

    That’s a prison for the mentally ill. I study at AIHT, further down the road.

  9. planemad says :

    They should convert it into a tourist attraction, “The Sadistic house of JPR”

  10. ramya says :

    hi everybody

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