I had got a call on Friday evening from a girl in the Sankhya team (My college’s math symposium) to design a banner for them.This wasnt a problem, but for the deadline being next day morning. As it is, i was already involved in work for my own department’s sympo – ‘Panorama’. So i told her that id give it a shot, but to have a backup just in case.

I found myself free later in the night, so i thought id do the work. Stupid thing i did was forgetting to ask the specs of the design, and at 1am was too late to call her up now. So anyway i settle on a vertical orientation andwrapped up an hour later, satisfied with the end result.

Next morning i miss the college bus (damn, thats like the 12th time so far) and go through the usual ordeal which i’ve become quite used to. Being a saturday, i was in no mood to test myself, but since i’d already finished this work i made up my mind to do it. On the way i message her that the banner is done and theres rejoices from the other end. So i show it to her in coll.

Sankhya banner
she: Its looking really good
me: oh, thanks
she: but..
me: (!! that cant be good)
she: ..i wanted one of those horizontal things to have in the hall
me: so your saying you cant use this?
she: Can you change it right now?
me: no way. this place doesnt have the software i need.
she: can you go home now and do it?
me: (!!!!!! are you kidding me. Travel back home by MTC, again?) Will i get ODs?
she: Yeah, no prob.
me: So tell me exactly what you need changed.
she: Make it horizontal, no fancy stuff. Just Sankhya written in plain font. We are not looking for too much design, just the name should be prominent. Should be enough.
me: (thats not design! thats bloody 1 minute work in MS Word) Ok, i’ll see what i can do.

Now there was no way in hell, i was taking public transport back home again just to dumb down my work. Dead tired i already was from my morning experience, i decided to get attendance and sleep off in my airconditioned microprocessor lab instead.

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7 responses to “Rejected”

  1. Sagaro says :

    Tell me the girl was Poorvaja… this is friggin’ hilarious…

  2. planemad says :

    Im not revealing names here . Buy me a drink and maybe i will talk.

  3. Suraksha says :

    seriously! =) lmao! heh and i’m pretty sure i know who the girl is! *head-desk*

  4. Wascally Wabbit says :

    @ Sagaro:

    Were you involved in Sankhya by any chance??


    I guess you are not going to get the drink as everyone seems to be knowing ‘ the who??’


    Enlighten me about this person the next time we meet.

  5. planemad says :

    I wonder why they think who they think it is. Anyways, i’ll be a good boy and stay mum 8)

  6. Sagaro says :

    Nope I wasn’t involved in it. The only job of a final year student, is to criticize the juniors on how pathetically they have organized the symposium and brag around how in our year we had done the best job 😛

  7. shills says :

    hahahaha… you poor child.. after all that.. hmmm.. fancied the design though.. very nice.. People just don’t appreciate true talent and the concept of design i guess..

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