Is it the curtains for Orkut?

Its not too long now before the headlines start screaming “Orkut used for murder”. Even as i type, Indian media channels have begun their discussions and viewer polls on how online social networking sites have become a menace. The reason for all this hungama happens to be the murder of a 16 year old Mumbai boy, Adnan Patrawala.

 I dont need to tell you what happened, cause you can read plenty about it here. I have always felt that orkut and other similiar social networking sites exploit insecurities of individuals. They give people this false hope of popularity, a platform to lie and have an alterego. They start living in this fantasy world where friends are there only in name and not in reality. Why give people this false hope. Does having more number of friends actually make you a better person? A real friend is someone who calls you up just to say hi. Scraps, testimonials and e-greetings are just bull.

I write this because i have been asked numerous times why i dont have an orkut account and am quickly dismissed as an uncool person. For all of you who have 12000 scraps and over 500 friends on their list, just ask yourself how many actually care about you.

Anyway, i never really expected orkut to keep going. Its not too long before e-socializing fades away as something new comes out. I just find it sad when i see people spending so much of time obsessed with orkut which seems totally unproductive. Blogging on the other hand … 😀

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4 responses to “Is it the curtains for Orkut?”

  1. arvind says :

    yup i totally agree with know u were talking about guys with 12000 scraps and 500 friends..i am one of those….
    but from two months same feeling crept inside me too..
    so I’m into blogging since then..

  2. planemad says :

    Just today someone was asking me to join orkut. He said we can have some fun scrapping random chicks.
    I pity all those poor girls who have to put up with this shit hehe.

  3. arvind says :

    hey , u know… in my acoount i have some girls who are far more active then the boys..
    one girl had 15000 scraps in just one month can u beleive it.. 🙂

  4. Mr Nobody - Orkut Security Hacker says :

    what a rubbish itss ???
    hey guyzz orkut is a social site for keep in touch with our favourite ppls and making new friends…
    some fuckers using that for revenging others means….
    use internet for educational purpose…u can use internet for pron purpose also…the way you using internet..if its good means every good thing only will happen to you guyzzz

    Nobody Here

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