PlaneMad’s Tutorial: 3 simple steps to kickstart your blog traffic

blog stats

Step 1: Have atleast 2 posts on your blog
Step 2: Make a comment on Sagaro’s
Step 3: Enjoy seeing your stat graph rise exponentially 😀

I am yet to fully understand the science behind this strange phenomena, but i am guessing the traffic could be due to the following factors:

a) Sagaro being perpetually jobless, sees your comment and takes the bait. He prowls your blog word by word, for phrases that can be taken out of context and used against you.

b) Other people being equally jobless visit Sagaro’s often to see if he has gotten a life yet. A comment from a new face intrigues them and they come to your blog to judge who is the most jobless among the lot.

It also helps your case if you are smart like me and keep some fodder for Sagaro to chew. Keep your comebacks handy when you need them.
I have a few more experiments up my sleeve to try out. Will publish the results when i get time.


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8 responses to “PlaneMad’s Tutorial: 3 simple steps to kickstart your blog traffic”

  1. Sagaro says :

    Podan goyan… I was just about to add your url in my blogroll and bang this happens… go jump of a cliff 😛

  2. planemad says :

    anna please ‘na, i will donate my left eye to you after death for that honour.

  3. Marc says :

    Now Sagora shouldn’t take offense. Many people are jobless. Me, I’ve just reached the first post on your blog, reading backwards all the ones I found interesting.

  4. planemad says :

    You can tell that to him 😛

  5. Marc says :

    Just realised that I horribly misspelled that. Oops.

  6. shills says :


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