Rooftop attack


Came back from college today evening all tired and grimy after the long commute, only to find the computer taken over by my sis. Damn, no music to relax to. Even the television was in control of my servant, enjoying some dabba sun tv movie, remote fiercely clutched in her hands. Clearly there was no TV for me anytime soon. I rack my brains for something to do and decide to exhaust what little energy i have left, on my terrace.

I hunt for that dumbbell which i’ve noticed a couple of times around the house. I finally locate it under my sisters desk. I blow away the dust and take it alongwith me to the terrace for a workout.

The climb to the top leaves me exhausted and i regain my breath watching the beautiful sunset. I quickly survey the local skyline to see if any good looking girls are there to impress. Disappointed, i lose half my motivation to do an flexing. Seeing all those tamil movies had gotten my hopes up too high.

Gathering all my strength, i lift the lone dumbbell over my head and hear my joints creak. Bringing it down is a lot easier and i deftly put the thing away, satisfied with the achievement. I did not want to strain myself on the very first day.

All this sunset activity seems to have triggered some interest in the crow circles, who also seem quite bored with their pathetic social lives. About ten of them line the terrace to get a good look at my poor performance. I take no notice of their mocking cries and let them have their fun.

So i decide to move onto pushups, something that i have a bit more practice with. I lie face down on the floor and after 20 counts, i notice a sudden spurt in bird activity around me. I look up and face what could be a good portion of the city’s crow union crying furiously and hovering dangerously close to me. A little nervous, i get up and i am slapped be a wing on my arm. Now im downright terrified and run for cover inside the building, dodging the birdbrains coming in my way. One more hit on the arm and a couple of swooshes beside my ear later, i am safe.

I escape unscathed, but my shirt has taken a hit from a dirty bomb. I decorate my building wall with the remains and then wait for the gathering to disperse. In my hurry i had forgotten to take my camera which i had placed on the floor outside. The birds wait patiently for the prey to come out again. I give up and head back home, hoping that the mob was’nt after my cybershot.

20 minutes later, the sun has moved on, the terrace is deserted and my precious cam has taken a hit 😦 . The plastic protection cover that i had made for the cam bears clawmarks and is pierced in places. I switch it on and the lens mechanism gets jammed 😦  😦

Not good. Bloody sadist creatures .

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2 responses to “Rooftop attack”

  1. Divya says :

    Crows..! lmao =)) you always seem to do wrong things at the wrong time in the wrong place..

    Thanks for that smiley link.. 🙂

  2. Create&Destroy says :

    Am beginning to like this terrace concept, I think am gonna go to my terrace with my cam, straight this evening 🙂

    …but man, those sure are some rowdy crows !

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