DCamp Bangalore

D Camp, a design and ux related unconference, is being held at Bangalore next weekend, on September 16. As a hobbyist graphic designer, such a design event sounds quite tasty. Getting one of my creatively challenged friends to accompany me to the event, however proved to be a difficult task.

 While one gang tries to convince me of chucking the pansy event and spending the two days drinking till our livers fail, another set wants to go mall hopping and exercise their eyeballs on some girls, an endangered species in Chennai. All the enthusiasm vanishes when i tell them we wont have time for that, thanks to the commuting situation at the IT capital.

The lone person to show any sort of interest is Andy, ever short on cash but high on spirit, and who lately seems to trust even my craziest plans. Everything was set then, to leave on friday night and get back on sunday morning, but missed out on a vital step – registering at the site. Apparently im about twenty five people too late, and am left hanging with these not so encouraging words:

Registration is now CLOSED and is limited to the first 75 participants only.
However, in order to keep up with the spirit of the DCamp, the rest of the registered campers MIGHT get an opportunity to participate

Dang, and i’ve already told half the college that i am speaking at this conference. To top it, the event has been postponed from saturday to sunday in the wake of
ganesh chaturti which means Andy may not make it as we would have to skip college on Monday, not such a good idea considering my dangerous attendance percentage. So do i go all the way to Blr and risk camping outside the doors of the conference or stay safe at home and try to catchup with college and the chennai pothole campaign which incidentally falls on the same day.


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4 responses to “DCamp Bangalore”

  1. Suraksha says :

    tough luck!

    dang slang is spreading – nice. 😛

  2. planemad says :

    even train tix not available. i now have to settle for unresereved, whattey nansense 😦

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