Wheee, I V

The plans for our class Industrial Visit has finally been, well finalised! Dont let the name mislead you, its just a trick to get permission from the parents into sending their sons off to places like Bangalore and Pondicherry, places very much preferred by college guys for a variety of reasons that i shall not disclose here.

permission from parents please..

The permissions slips were handed out in class today and after giving myself permission, returned it. I get this incriminating look, something i get when i talk to a girl. “Signed by your parents” he says, “and return it tomorrow”. I contemplate faxing the piece of paper to Tampa for approval, a 20 year old guy asking permission to go 100kms from parents 20000kms away. I’ll lead my own life, thank you.
The plan is to reach the IBM-Lenovo complex  by 11am and take a 2 hour tour, after that its all upto us. The bad part is that we got to wear formals, so we are all set to make a style statement by frolicking at Pondy beach with formal clothing and maybe the girls in saree. Should be able to capture some nice pics 🙂

Im looking forward to the trip for two reasons:

1) Pictures! Mostly for blackmail purposes, hehe

2) There are a few pranks lined up, but the execution depends on the situation. Maybe i can get my class girls to reveal their deep dark secrets and hidden pasts. Oh wait, i dont think i want to hear that.

I beleive we will have roughly 4 hours free over there, we have been told that staying overnight has been prohibited, following this, a set has already decided not to come. Lets see how tomorrow turns out.

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3 responses to “Wheee, I V”

  1. Wascally Wabbit says :

    Whatever!! Have fun.. We are still working on it in our dept..

  2. Vyaas says :

    Forget the fact that their being military and want people to attend class…or the fact that you have to wear formals…or that you have to get a signature from your parents…….LENOVO IS FRIGGIN’ SPELLED WRONG!!!

  3. planemad says :

    hehe, what idiots.

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