To Bangalore and back – Chapter 1 – UnPrepared

 Chennai central station at night

Amidst big question marks over being let inside dcamp due to late registration, me and andy set of for Bangalore on Saturday night. Being lazy as usual, the presentation that i had hoped to complete a week in advance was hastily being stitched together an hour before i was to leave for the station. My internet was conking off and adobe flash, which i was using to create the slides was proving to be a major pain. In that one hour, i realised that my whole presentation did not have a direction, and i myself became confused on what exactly my point was.

The countdown was over and i had to leave home, and i was wondering if i could pull my show off at Bangalore. There were quite a few reasons that i wanted to present at Bangalore. One was that i had never done anything remotely close to speaking in front of a crowd, i even used to bunk my seminar speeches in college cause i was too nervous to talk. It was time for me to break that shell. Another reason was that i was looking for an opportunity to showcase my map and this seemed to be an ideal platform, although i didnt know how to showcase it without looking like a sales pitch.

I got dropped off at the station at 10pm and met with andy. We had dinner at a shady dhaba opposite central station. Four aloo parathas, two bowls of yogurt and a channa masala set us back by 130 bucks. The food tasted amazing, which usually meant a vacation in the loo the next day.

It was getting late and we had 15 minutes to get to our train. Since we had RAC tickets we did not know which coach we were in and had forgotten to check. So we start running towards the station, dodging touts and autowallahs advertising their rides to bangalore. We check our reservation status at the station and head off to our compartments with 5 mins to spare. Tickets are checked and lights begins to go off, we move to our berths chatting away happily on latest college scandals. Disturbed by my laughs, a man from the next section puts is hand out “saar, please.. let us sleep”


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9 responses to “To Bangalore and back – Chapter 1 – UnPrepared”

  1. squall says :

    Oyee…so wat exactly happened at the unconference??got a chance to voice off or not??

  2. squall says :

    Oyee…so wat exactly happened at the unconference??got a chance to voice off or not??

  3. Vyaas says :

    If it hasn’t started yet, I wish you the best of luck….if it’s over, how did it go?

  4. Arpit Jacob says :

    dude were are the pics were ganesh is writing his record on DCAMP ? also my pics 😦

  5. Arpit Jacob says :

    oops I just checked its all there 🙂

  6. Alagu says :

    Nice talk! Yours was the only topic which was related to the event 😛

  7. Sagaro says :


    You did amazing for a first time talk. Maybe it did sound like a sales pitch, but it was very interesting. *thumbs up*

    Now to splinch your arm…

  8. planemad says :

    you hve to visit this page everyday to find out 😛

    yep it took place on the 16th and went better than i expected

    @sagaro and algates
    thanks boys 😀
    i guess not bad for a speech virgin

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