Chennai’s share autos

After a marathon movie watching session at my friends place yesterday night, i was worried about getting back home today. I had asked a bus conductor and he had told me that there would’nt be any bus services due to the bandh.

picture of a share autorickshaw in chennai

So while i am waiting for an auto at thirumangalam, checking my wallet if i have 300 bucks that the bloodsucker is sure to demand, i notice a regular movement share autos, the mutated cousins of the regular auto, but just a bit bigger and capable of seating thrice its own capacity. On closer inspection, the board at the windshield said dms or t nagar.

Up until now i always thought these autos plied on random routes according to demand, but it seems they have a few fixed routes and a very good frequency. Considering it costs only about 10 bucks on an average, i would classify it as another mode of public transit in Chennai.

I was thinking of mapping all the share auto routes to see the coverage, but there doesnt seem to be any info available on the net. So if you know any routes please share it. Something like this could be quite useful to get around the city and avoid those nasty regular autos.

Share auto routes
1 Thirumangalam – Anna Nagar – Choolaimedu – Nungambakkam – DMS
2 Thirumangalam – Anna Nagar – Choolaimedu – T Nagar
3 Thirumangalam – Anna Nagar – Choolaimedu – College Rd – LIC


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15 responses to “Chennai’s share autos”

  1. Vyaas says :

    Share-autos are putting the regular autos out of business….There’s one route that plys from Golden Flats(Anna-nagar west i think) all the way to LIC.
    Another plys via anna-nagar as well…that ones to T.Nagar…
    And then the all important one-Poonamalee to Koyambedu and beyond!

  2. planemad says :

    thanks vyaas. poonamalee- koyambedu? are you sure about those. i dont recall seeing share autos on the national highway?

  3. Vyaas says :

    I didn’t think so too…but I remember using one when I was stranded with a few other guys from our football team….

  4. Marc says :

    Here’s one.

    Thiruvanmyur to Neelankarai. This stretch of the ECR is covered by many share autos since it is densely populated and also because public transport in Chennai is non-existent.

  5. planemad says :

    Thanks Marc.

    “public transport in Chennai is non-existent”

    I beg to differ, i would rate chennai’s rail and bus network second only to mumbai in terms of efficiency in india. either you havent bothered to use them or havent travelled around the city much.
    And if you were talking about this stretch, than you should know that the 19 series routes on the ECR have one of the highest frequencies

  6. Marc says :

    I used to live in Palavakkam, which is on the ECR, from 2001 to 2004. And for the past three years I have been travelling down that road by my college bus. If I miss the bus I have to take buses on the ECR or the OMR.

    Share autos are slow, overcrowded and uncomfortable. If the buses were more frequent share autos wouldn’t exist!

    How exact is the system efficient? By running two buses of the same route together instead of at regular intervals? By allowing a share autos system to cover the gaps in the public transport system?

  7. planemad says :

    i meant effective in a relative way. try to use buses in a place like blr or hyd and you will see that the system here is a lot better.
    Now there is a huge need for improvement, but given the financial constraints under which they operate (ive managed to get a first hand look, so i know) its amazing that they can even manage so much. but things have only improved and is getting better.

  8. Naveen says :

    hey…there are share autos from guindy-adyar via anna university
    then from red hill-anna nagar west till udhayam theatre along the 100 feet road
    from udhayam theatre to guindy share autos are there (very cheap in this route…)

    then rarely few share autos are there along the poonamalee high road to cmbt ..

    P.S:coz of recession they have increased the price by 1 or 2 rs for long routes but minimum remains at Rs 5

  9. Shivagurunathan says :

    You seem to be half-perched dangerously on one end of the branch of a tree that is wildly swinging to the blowing winds that also bring UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) threatening to knock you off coming from the opposite direction.

    Thats Chennai’s S(h)care auto for you. One dangerous ride on it put me off ever from these lethal missiles on the road.

    Whoever said MTCs are drab! Welcome the Chariots of the (Chennai) Gods!!!

  10. pratt says :

    Can any one tell me whether there is coverage of share auto to below mentioned route
    Thanikachalam rd/Sir Thiagarajah road —–>To—–> Indira Nagar/Adyar Depo

  11. Abhi says :

    Please tell me if there is a share auto from mogappair west to choolaimedu??

  12. Rajeswari Ravi says :

    Guindy – Porur Junction and Porur Junction to Poonamalee is a regular “share-auto route” as auto-rickshaw guys term it …. their excuse for asking you that you compensate them for their “empty” return trips!

  13. lakshmiramya1 says :

    Can anyone help about the route from t Nagai to Besant Nagai beach

  14. In says :

    Any share autos from kannadasan nagar to d a v school.gill nagar choolaimedu

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