The fight over the bridge

  nasa image of the ram sethu or adams bridge or whatever you wanna call it

Who would have thought the Adams bridge, a seemingly harmless shoal formation between Danushkodi and Mannar could become the centre of a nationwide controversy, thanks to its inclusion in our mythological tales by some really good storytellers millions of years ago. Cant blame them really, cmon with no TV or internet porn, you gotta come up with some really believable stories to shut the kids.

Anyhow, all eyes are looking down south now and people are flocking to Rameshwaram to catch a glimpse of this formation thats almost led to the dismissal of the Tamil Nadu Govt and enough heat in the parliament to power a few thousand homes.

The formations cannot be seen from the ground, but  become visible from a higher altitude, as you can see here.

aerial view of the bridge from over mannar island

 So why am i interested in the Ram Sethu all of a sudden? 

An email has been dispatched to them ofcourse regarding the license violation 🙂

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6 responses to “The fight over the bridge”

  1. xntricpundits says :

    dirty politics..they need a issue or the other..and controversy over comes to rescue..with secular parties jumping in…stuff for reporters..stuff for tv channels..but what’s in for common man?

  2. Shivasubramanian A says :

    So what happened? Did they respond? And when is the next Chennai photo quiz question coming up?

  3. Shivasubramanian A says :

    Aargh!!! Sorry the previous comment was posted by me before I came across this article of yours:

    Sorry for dat one..

  4. Lankan Tribankhan Jaya Srimathi Muralinath says :

    Is my name too long? 🙂

  5. Lankan Tribankhan Jaya Srimathi Muralinath says :

    Om Jay Jagdish Sai Hare..

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