7 responses to “Ultimate Frisbee Chennai logo”

  1. B a l a j i says :

    Nice one….

    What is that on the top left corner… I assumed it for a person diving with his legs up

  2. Rhaposder says :

    Hey Planemad..

    Good logo. You’ve conveyed the vibrant spirit of the game right! And I love the use of sand brown colour on it.

    One comment. We’re trying to move people away from calling the game Frisbee.. to Ultimate.

    (Frisbee actually a flying disc brand.. and there are many games played with flying discs.. like Frisbee Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, etc…)

    So, could you stress lot more on the Ultimate than the Frisbee?

    Another comment.. since the game is new to town.. let’s get the name right. I know that the single ‘e’ in Frisbee is intentional.. but at this point, we need to convey the right game name and spirit.

  3. sethu says :

    nice logo man…..did u design it…awesome…that indicates the clear background…..exactly wat the logo is meant for is achieved…way to go….

  4. planemad says :

    Thanks vyass, balaji, rhaposder and sethu.

    right on

    i didnt know about that. ok, modified it.

  5. Rhaposder says :

    woops.. still need Frisbee in there though.

  6. planemad says :

    hmm. will look a bit cluttered with too much text then

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