Things looking up for the city? slightly

With a garbage crisis looming over the city after Neeel Metal Fanalca’s poor performance since taking over garbage clearance from Onyx, and choked roads almost everywhere due to never ending construction projects like flyovers and the MRTS, the people of Chennai deserve some good news.

I noticed quite a few positive announcements in the city the past few days:

1. Chennai Corporation gets an award for the best initiatives in the country
I can almost hear you say wtf. But then looks like the other cities are no better than ours.

2. Chennai gets connected to New York four times a week
Courtesy Jet Airways, you can now fly to the americas right from here. This should give a great boost to businesses here.

3. 4 laning of ECR on the cards?
The CM has asked for a report on 4 laning the heavily used east coast road. This could totally transform the stretch into an entertainment corridor. He also wants the much delayed 6 lane IT corridor to be completed by March 2008. At the current pace of construction this shouldnt be a problem.

4. Some news of expected completion date for those flyovers under construction for way too long
Airport flyover – december 2007
Kathipara junction – march 2008
Padi junction – april 2008
Thorraipakkam radial road junction – july 2008
Pallavaram ROB – december 2008
The revised deadlines certainly look realistic, but then in Chennai, anything is (im)possible

5. DPR on chennai metro to be in next week
This was long over due. Ever since february, the article “DMRC to submit DPR on Chennai metro next month” appeared on the hindu every month, along with the inauguration of the MRTS. At least now the headline reads next week and not next month. oh well, at least there seems to be some progress


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6 responses to “Things looking up for the city? slightly”

  1. sethu says :

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  2. T.U. Dinesh says :

    and the mrts till velachery …
    its completed … but the honorable mk has no time to dedicate it (as they say) to the public … so its just not being used …

    nonsense govt. but compared to other stated we are in a way better

  3. Navaneethan Santhanam says :

    I don’t know, man – Chennai as a city seems to flip-flop with positive & negative news. On one hand, the ‘DPR to be submitted next month’ news never fails to excite me, but on the other hand, the continual delays frustrate me.

    Not being in the city hampers me because I can’t see what the reality is. And, Mr. M. Karunanidhi, could you please inaugurate the damn MRTS? Man, I’m sick of the lethargy of the Govt. wrt many of the projects.

    Oh well, at least the IT Corridor is progressing in a semi-satisfactory manner, right?

  4. InWantOfBeingMe says :

    I appreciate the optimism 😉 Nice observation and interesting compilation of data.

    I’b blogrolled you. Hope it’s ok 🙂

  5. planemad says :

    sure sure, will mail you my advertising fee shortly 😛
    now to get my eyes checked after seeing those pics 😡

    yeah too bad bout the mrts. paid a visit to taramani stn a week ago. the incharge said that the lines been completed and was waiting for the golden touch. but the stations are still far from completed.

    one of the pitfalls of being a democracy i guess. but on the flip side, no city in india is any better, at least the govt here keeps anouncing new projects and schemes.

  6. planemad says :

    thanks, which reminds me, gotta put up that blogroll soon

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