Chennai ultimate moves to the marina

 schmidt memorial at besant nagar at dawn
Besant Nagar beach, the usual home of chennai ultimate

Tomorrows ultimate game is going to be played at the marina beach, next to the light house. This makes it much easier for me to reach, than besant nagar where it is usually held.

I had my first try with ultimate, last week, after the third ifix, where me jump and gapp headed straight to the beach without a wink of sleep. The game is quite strenuous, and playing it after staying awake for over 24hours was extremely tiring, so i had to call it quits half way through my game. However, the short session enabled me to learn the basic rules and was a lot of fun, with bosky giving me company in the newbie category.

Due to fatigue, i had difficulty running, and catching up with the others, however i managed to score a point with some luck lending me a helping hand. Tomorrow hopefully i can learn some more about the game and enjoy the beach sunrise if i can make it on time.

And this time will play in shorts and a T. Learnt my lesson after last time i wore  jeans and ended up creating a mini beach back at home.

Chennai Ultimate is played on weekends at Besant Nagar beach, visit the y! group for more info.

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5 responses to “Chennai ultimate moves to the marina”

  1. Vyaas says :

    Awesome…I wanna join!!

    But first I need a team…

  2. sethu says :

    hey how to join….wat is abt …gimme some spec abt it na plz….

  3. pdilip says :

    Irrelevant , but still… I’ve moved my blog…

  4. Bhasker V Kode says :


    wonder how many new comers will be there tomro . see u tomro ! 8 )


  5. planemad says :

    /vyaas and sethu
    just get to the beach at 530 and join in. as simple as that.

    yep updated my links

    dint come today as it was raining and my ride slept off 😦
    also gotta preserve some energy to study for tomorrows exam 😦

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