From wheat to ipods, this is how we get it

a view of chennai port/madras port from the royapuram bridge

This is how it all comes into India, through our seaports. Its not untill you get close to one of these integral pieces of our economic development, do you realise the importance of it in our daily lives or the scale of its operations. Practically any commodity thats imported comes via the sea routes.

The Chennai port is the second largest port in India, after Mumbai and is one of the growth drivers of the entire region. I hapened to find myself in Royapuram one day and decided to sneak a peek at what really goes on at the other side of the walls. A little scouting for  good viewpoint lands me on the royapuram flyover, where i got a breathtaking view of the container storage yard. And the scale of it all just blew me away.

See full size pic 

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2 responses to “From wheat to ipods, this is how we get it”

  1. sethu says :

    You are indeed a detective….did u take this pic?? and i heard that ur roaming the campus with a cyber shot to take a pic of the 50 cent stupid jean….well….now the jean has been eradicated so dont worry…lol….(“eradicated” coz nithin called it as a sethu pona ezhi)…

  2. planemad says :

    yeap, i took the pic from the royapuram flyover. good to know about the pants, we are all safe again.

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