deja vu

Im using my DSP text book, 1200 pages thick, as a stand for my plate of hot bhajjis. Its raining outside, courtesy of the NE monsoon. I have an exam tomorrow, thanks to Anna University. And i cant study for it because i dont know where to start. I wish it rains.

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7 responses to “deja vu”

  1. pdilip says :

    I have an exam tomorrow as well.. Consider y plight, i have all my exams in a stretch from tomorrow without any breaks 😦

    Lemme go get my plate of Bhajji’s as well 🙂

  2. Suraksha says :

    Hee! 😀 two of my3 labs are done and I’m left w/ the easiest of ’em all! and i still have two days to go! 😛 tum tum ta tee!

  3. Karthik.H says :

    Exams here too…Not Anna Univ though…at a stretch starting Monday…but since it’s the Models, am least bothered…Going there to get some sleep and have a look at the Q Paper.. 😀

  4. planemad says :

    they should just do away with exams, its all a farce i say.

    models, not anna univ. i wish i was in your shoes

    “tum tum ta tee”? if i had a misile, it would be coming somewhere close to you.

  5. pdilip says :

    @ Suraksha

    Thks for rubbing it in. We’ll get our chance !!

  6. Sagaro says :

    best of luck…

  7. planemad says :

    thanks bro, all went well 😀

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