Take the madrasi test

saary ba, ennaku engilis puriyadhu

So you been living in Chennai for long? You think you deserve to be called a Madrasi? Are you fluent with the madras lingo?

Take the Test of Tamil as a foreign language (TOTFL) to find out. 

And if you’re new to Chennai, you can use the wikipedia guide on the madras baashai as a reference.

So, Bazarlai ushara illaina nijara kalatidu vaanga 😛

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4 responses to “Take the madrasi test”

  1. Suraksha says :

    aiyo, worsht – i knew ’em all! 😛

    So, Bazarlai ushara illaina nijara kalatidu vaanga

    what cultured children we are! 😀

  2. pdilip says :

    Nalla Sonna ma’e ….. lol

  3. sirpy says :

    LOL.. I was smitten by the language the first time I heard it.. Btw, got full marks on the test.. 😀

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