The rains have hit

The Friday jog upto the alwarpet bus stop at 0520 was a little uncomfortable, the air seemed stationary, like someone had turned off the fan and had a good amount of humidity. Sure signs of a thunderstorm brewing somewhere. The bus showed up bang on time 5 minutes later to take me to santhome, the church looking beautiful in the blue morning glow.

santhome bascillica

Another 5 minute jog and im at the marina beach, a stiff wind is blowing in from the sea now. A small group already warming up for a game of ultimate. I drop my bag in the pile and join in for a pregame catch and throw session. Now my throws generally suck, but thanks to the strong wind that i had to throw against, i couldnt manage a single half decent wobbly throw. Each time, the disc is brutally diverted of its course and sends the runner into a frantic sprint to salvage it before it runs off into the main road.
At 6, the teams are decided and am not exactly looking forward to the game as i know my throws are going to be a handicap for my team. But what do you know, the windy conditions ensure that almost no one can make a straight pass, with the disc is flying all around the place. The game becomes super fun and totally unpredictable. I manage to score a few points and some good foulups by gapp ensure that we take the lead 7-5.

Out in the horizon, we notice what looks like an advancing cyclonic storm. We pick up the pace to try to finish the game before it gets washed out. But a substitute and ten minutes later we go down 8-9. I look back and the storm looks threateningly close and was advancing quickly. The scene was just spectacular and i instinctively leave my team and run towards my bag to take out my camera. 2 seconds later the squall hits us, so strong that it almost knock me down. The rains follow just behind and sends the whole beach scurrying for cover.

In 15 seconds flat, the beach is deserted, and each and everyone is wet to the skin, some taking shelter in their cars, the other not so fortunate ones like me, just standing there and welcoming the northeast monsoon to chennai. its the season of rain. so much rain that you are going to be begging it to stop and thankful that chennai is a hot and sunny place for most of the year after all.

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9 responses to “The rains have hit”

  1. Karthik.H says :

    “its the season of rain. so much rain that you are going to be begging it to stop and thankful that chennai is a hot and sunny place for most of the year after all.”

    You’ll never hear me saying that. I love the rain no matter what. 😀 Even if I am drenched to the bone!!

  2. pdilip says :

    I got myself drenched on friday and looks like I have fever now 😦

  3. Sagaro says :

    Why only me… even Rajesh made a lot of mistake…

  4. planemad says :

    its been raining 20 hours straight now, its cold, its damp and it feels miserable. id like you to say that after two days.

    oh you poor baby

    i am your arch nemisis after all. its only fair that i do highlight such incidents 😛
    btw isnt that rajesh taking cover behind the auto?

  5. Suraksha says :

    rain! rain! rain! it’s been abs brilliant! 😀

    i’ve been waking up to rain falling on my face for over six mornings – and it’s amazing!

  6. planemad says :

    parents sent you off to sleep on the terrace again eh?

  7. Suraksha says :

    the things one does for parents, sigh.

  8. Sagaro says :

    Terrace a? With how many?

    Poda dawg! And yes it is Rajesh…

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