MOAC – Mother of all cockroaches

What looked like a leaf as i stepped out of the elevator, on second looks nearly gave me a panic attack. At 9cm im sure this rascal is the great grandmama of all the roaches in the world. respects

UPDATE!!! After a little netvestigation, the Giant_burrowing_cockroach seems to be the biggest roach measuring 8cm. This means that my little discovery and this photograph is evidence enough to counter the claim. This baby is over 8cm in length from head to toe the little pointy thing at the back and could very well be the biggest cockroach species. It shall henceforth be known as the giant planeroach, in my honour of course.

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13 responses to “MOAC – Mother of all cockroaches”

  1. Suraksha says :

    YUCK. and you had to fling this on the whole world. sadistic creature. 😮

  2. planemad says :

    ahh, but all of us were made by the same being above. we must join hands and live harmoniously with nature.
    me thinks you need a roach pet to learn some love for these cuties 😛

  3. Suraksha says :

    ahh, but all of us were made by the same being above.
    pro-creationist uh? tch, tch. 😛

    some LOVE for WHAT? cuties?? *barf*

  4. Vyaas says :

    I feel most privileged to live amongst these critters…they’re the oldest species on earth…they’ve seen the cambrains,dinosaurs and the far reaches of humanity.
    This photo is right up there man!

  5. Vyaas says :

    Suraksha,that in no way has anything to do with being pro-creationist…it is an established fact that every living being is a constitution of organic matter,creationist or Darwinian!

  6. Suraksha says :

    i was only referring to his statement of “all of us being MADE by the same being above”

    that’s creation-ist 😛

  7. pdilip says :

    Is this “Mini Fresh” by any chance?? Looks like its dead as well!!

  8. Vyaas says :

    no comment…

  9. deepakd says :

    Yesterday i spot one of these @ Beasant ngr beach.
    Boy sure this is De MOAC!…Btw, it fly’s like an sparrow. It’s that massive!. Should be cautious not to take a bite!

  10. Vyaas says :

    Now why would anybody want to take a bite???

  11. planemad says :

    better watch out boy, or dilipu gets it 😈

    one word, proteins 😛

  12. Karthik says :

    I doubt if it’s a cockroach!! , and does it fly ? if it doesn , then pretty good photography there 😉 (unless ofcourse it was dead)

  13. planemad says :

    well a certain biologist said the pointy thing disqualifies it from the cockroach family, but is freaky as hell anyways.

    ooyea that baby flies allright and it certainly wasnt dead. and yea, i was scared as shit when i took that shot 🙂

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