The cat has jumped, or erm going to drown

My CAT’s (or the continous assesment test for the uninitiated or for the silly beings who thought it was the CAT), or my irritating internal tests at my college has just been shifted to saturday from tomorrow. yayers for the incessant rain thats been coming in for a straight 24 hours, threatening to drown the city in a pool of muck. Add to that a cyclone warning thats just come in, the next few days doesnt promise to be too bright, unless of course they cancel our cats and maybe even our sems and just give everyone 75%. Until that happens, im afraid the only ones who will be dancing in the rain and singing romantic poems are su and vetti.

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8 responses to “The cat has jumped, or erm going to drown”

  1. Suraksha says :

    cancelling CATs is such a lovely idea. i’m already beginning to be wishful!

    and singing romantic poems, it seems! *snort*

  2. Vyaas says :

    HEY HEY!!!
    It’s a good thing i subscribe to your blog’s feeds…scrolled right across when I was looking up laser interferometry…

    It’s party time!!!

  3. pdilip says :

    CAT has been postponed and that’s bugging… This is gonna make sure that I don’t prepare for CAT as well as semesters 😦

  4. Sagaro says :

    CAT getting postponed is the shittiest thing that has happened. Damn! Now on November 3rd, I would be writing a dumb test 50 kilometers away from Chennai, while my friends will be taking nice pictures… not happening…

    You been preparing for CAT all these days??? … interesting.

  5. pdilip says :


    Not preparing. Down with fever. If it had not been for CAT’s I could have started preparing for semester.

    I have to work on the aggregate you told me about. Lets see…

  6. Karthik.H says :

    It sure won’t be romantic if i start singing them.. 😛

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