A trial at capturing time

 311pm freezing time in chennai

Time is a concept that can be quite baffling, its a quantity that cannot be defined in absolute terms yet its the single entity that keeps the world going and our lives ticking. Somewhere something is happening at any moment. Wouldnt it be just great if the whole world could be captured at one instant, for all to see and share, of our lives?

chennai central railways station

With the proliferation of digital cameras, something like this is more possible today than it ever could have been in the past. Tomorrow, 3 November,would be an experiment of sorts to accomplish such a feat. At 3:11pm, the people of the city of Chennai will attempt to capture one second of their lives wherever they are. Its a small step to providing others a window into your life and your day. So if you are in Chennai and are in possession of any image capturing device, at 3:11pm share with the world what you see. Visit the 3:11pm website,  spread the word with your family and friends, and be a part of it.


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