PlaneMad’s guide on how to get your friend into a soup


unknown number on cell at 10pm

me: um hello?
hello is this planemad? (name changed to protect identity)
me: yeah
this is x’s dad
me: uh, ok?
where are you?
me: besant nagar…
is x with you?
me: (uh oh, trouble) ummmm
me: mmmm
me: no
oh, because x is not picking up my calls
me: (shit, whats the arse upto?) oh
do you know where he could be?
me: errr, not really
do you know if he has gone for a movie?
me: (ahh nice one, reel time) hmm he was talkin about bourne supremacy, he’s prolly in the theatre right now.
oh, maybe thats why he’s not picking up my call. i’ve been trying for past hour, since you ar the only other contact i have in chennai, i thought id ask you.
me: dont worry uncle. i think the show gets over at 11.
because he’s got a flight to delhi to catch at 3am
me: (oh f*k)

x’s number 2 hours later

me: hel..
you idiot! you told my dad i was at a movie? you idiot!
me: ..lo

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2 responses to “PlaneMad’s guide on how to get your friend into a soup”

  1. Sagaro says :

    It is bourne ultimatum…

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