Through my eyes at 3:11pm 3/11/2007

 I was still undecided on wether to skip my test at college or take a photo instead, for the 3:11pm campaign . In the end i managed to do both, only because someone told me “you dont have the balls”


Looks like i do 😀 

See the rest of the photos at the photostream

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8 responses to “Through my eyes at 3:11pm 3/11/2007”

  1. Vyaas says :

    Oh you’ve got balls alright…and one swell camera…
    …and you’ve found a loophole in the college rules too…

    “Camera phones aren’t allowed on campus”

    They didn’t say anything about plain old cameras did they?

  2. planemad says :

    Ahh yes, loopholes are meant to be looped through

  3. sethu says :

    its a loop hole but our one and only exclusive IT hod doesnt even allow cameras in……

    if u checked in the past thre was a cool sumb incident….

    Photo vs photograph

    ill never forget the day when he confiscated my frenz motorzr from me on the last workin day for final yrs…sayin cam mobs r not allowed in coll….n when we told him tat he himself had taken snaps on digital cams wit students…he very wisely pointed out tat thr is a difference between cam mobs n digcams in the specific point tat digicams r used to take “photographs” while cam mobs r used to take “photos”….i still havent figured out wat he meant

  4. sethu says :

    thus after reading this in his community….he started grabing ppl with cameras too… bware coz he ignores IT ppl these days and prefers other branch ppl…

  5. planemad says :

    ahh thanks for the tip 🙂

  6. sethu says :

    no probs dude….u can click pics anywhere …. and im also a fan of ur photographs ….if poss try to get a funny pic of IT hod too……….rock on dude…

  7. planemad says :

    err sethu, i plan on finishing my degree without a suspension 😛

  8. sethu says :

    actually….even i tried to take a pic….but takin a pic with N73 is much more complicated than a cybershot….so hope u get my point….thats y i asked ya to take one so that we can post that on “WE HATE GO******” community……lol…[;)]

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