So this is it, starting today, i have finally begun preparing for the upcoming semester exams. I fear it maybe a bit too late however, for the festivities begin in 4 days and everyone else i know seems to be awaiting the test of wits with much enthusiasm, organising study parties and other allied activities.

After much postponing, i finally decided that the only way for me to have a crack at my 1000+ page books would be to get away from home, away from the ac, bed and the pc. I think of a suitable getaway and decide on nageswara rao park in mylapore, but later switch to the beach instead as i missed the stop and the bus was headed there anyway.

I take a stroll to the seafront from the bus stop, the weather is pleasant, with a stiff wind and a merciful sun. There’s been a sea ingress, and i go closer to take a look at the unusual scene.

Moving on in search of shelter, i zero in on the shady side of a fishing boat, a tough task given that most of them are refuges for chennai’s desperate romeos and their equally desperate other halfs, looking to get some mild afternoon action.

The breeze is cool and the sand is mildly damp, the waves crash softly, much to the pleasure of the schoolboys who enjoy a session of skinny dipping. I buy a 5buck pack of kadalais to keep my jaws busy..

Err maybe i should just get back to studying now 😛
Will be heading out to the marina again tomorrow, i managed to get more into my head than i hoped for. And shall also be refraining from pc activities for the next 25 days. These exams just might decide my future.

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10 responses to “Endgame”

  1. Suraksha says :

    what enthu! goot luck!

  2. sethu says :

    hey all the best dude……even im startin today…..and atleast u hv beach near by….here i hv no other place other than studyin near my bed,ac and pc…..


  3. planemad says :

    thank you people.
    luck is exactly what im looking for 🙂

  4. Vinod Khare says :

    Wow!! That is some way to prepare for end sems!! 😀 I usually preferred to haunt the library but this is much better!

  5. planemad says :

    Its a first even for me, thought id try something diffferent, and it was a very relaxing experience.

  6. InWantOfBeingMe says :

    So were you able to study in that lovely place. I would see that place as a more appropriate place to blog or get creative and write poetry, or just sit and paint.

    Very very nice picture by the way.

  7. planemad says :

    thanks. study, well sort of, but it relieved my pre exam stress tho.

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