Why cloning shouldnt be allowed

cloning yourself may not be such a swell idea, just think what paris hilton would do

now just think, if all those were paris hiltons..

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7 responses to “Why cloning shouldnt be allowed”

  1. Suraksha says :

    lmao! nice work 😀

  2. Vyaas says :

    Awesome work!!!

  3. InWantOfBeingMe says :

    ok, yeah now that’s some really neat work. What did you use to do that ?

  4. sethu says :

    ya awesome work…..did ya use the clone stamp or used masking layer in photoshop…..but u shud hv wasted lot of time taking seperate snaps them….lol..way to go!!

  5. planemad says :

    thanks all.

    was done using as an app called ptgui for stitching and then was blended in photoshop.

    sethu, yep, selective masking. but was fun taking the pics, the people in the next building were prolly thinking i was a retard, setting up the camera and then going and giving a pose 🙂

    Took me about 20 mins to get the pics and then about 30 mins of pc work.

  6. Marc says :

    Looks awesome. The panoramic effect gave you lots more space.

  7. planemad says :

    heh yeah, thanks. ive always wanted to try the dublicating me + panorama effect.

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