The strange green glow

strange glow from the south, have the aliens landed here?

Noticed this strange light in the evening skies. It seemed to be coming from someplace around Saidapet-Guindy or maybe further south. Anyone else seen this?

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14 responses to “The strange green glow”

  1. Vyaas says :

    Perhaps some over-rated inauguration…

    But what really interests me is the white streak on the right hand side…mmm…tonnes of ideas on that one!

  2. planemad says :

    since when did chennai start getting over rated inaugurations with flashy lights and all?

    dont get too many ideas on that streak, its just an aircraft taking off 😛

  3. Karthik says :

    Aurora Borealis perhaps 😉 But i guess its just some normal pollutant!!

  4. Marc says :

    Yeah the airport is in that direction. I can make out a dot of light from my terrace that I think is the control tower.

  5. sethu says :

    all i can do is that i can come to a conclusion that ur situated in a very good geographical location…..awesome…..where do ya live?

  6. planemad says :

    normal pollutant? if it was pollutant, it sure as hell wouldnt be ‘normal’

    that doesnt explain the green glow


    the light is mystifying, its gotta be from a real powerful source, and for what purpose, a signal to outer space?

  7. sethu says :


    hey dont watch too much of sci-fi movies……see ur an example of wat happens if u cross the critical line!!…..a signal to outerspace ROFL……it must be some festival at some temple or some kothu barotta kadai….lol….

  8. Gopal says :

    now you’ve got me curious…why dont u explore and find out? after all u are on holidays….
    and do let us know…

  9. planemad says :

    actually, im not a big fan of sci fi, but those lights are intriguing

    will do, if i manage to spot them again

  10. Ash says :

    Guys. This light is real suspicious. Not kind of joke.
    It was visible from north chennai to south chennai.

    In such a dark night, this bright light is really suspicious. And for people who made fun like temple lights and airport lights, its not. If so then it cant be visible all chennai long. Only chennai people can understand the depth of the issue. Others will still laugh around until they see something like this later.

  11. selva says :

    A few days ago, a popular chennai based private news channel showed a flash news stating that strange lights were seen in chennai skies for about 15 minutes or so….
    It could be anything which has no definite answer for it’s visible appearance and that is why it should not be taken seriously.
    I’m just speculating that this could be related to alien theories….I mean, it could be….
    Science fiction never created the concept of aliens, they just adopted this idea into their creation from the local ufo sightings and alien abduction theories which couldn’t be proven wrong by even the greatest experts in the west.
    After more than 50,000 authenticated sightings in the west it’s our turn now….

  12. selva says :

    correction: In the second parah what i meant was “it should be taken seriously.”
    It doesn’t make much sense if u read it the otherway…

    P.S: I’m bad at typing.

  13. Munki says :

    There’s an egjibisun going on in the Island grounds and they had a big circus light on yesterday. But it seems to be totally diff from the photos they were showing today on ndtv-hindu. The Twitter #chennai about this incident is very sparse right now.

  14. Munki says :

    Oh shoot, this is an old post. Today is 31’May 2010. Anyway it’s interesting

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