Chennai photo quiz #1

This is obviously a railway station in chennai, look closely, theres something very unique about this place

So lets kick things off shall we. This should be a fairly simple one to guess, where in chennai would you find this station?

Dont mind that link above, its just for trackback purposes 😛 . Im wondering if i should frame some rules. Anyway, for now limit yourselves to one answer per person. Lets see how things go 🙂

Answer Marc got it right straight away, Its the Velachery MRTS station that was recently opened. The identifying feature is the viewpoint of the photo, which could only have been taken from a foot overbridge. Also if you look closely, one more platform is visible on the right. Velachery happens to be the only MRTS station with a fob or with three platforms.


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22 responses to “Chennai photo quiz #1”

  1. Marc says :

    Must be one of the newly inaugurated MRTS stations cause the walls are still clean and the lights still work. Velachery, I’m guessing.

  2. sethu says :

    i think this must be the one opp to tidal park…..

  3. planemad says :

    theres something unique about this photo with which you can justify your answer. point out what it is 🙂

    And i’ll reveal the right answer only after im going to get two or more right guesses. that way more get a chance at the quiz.

  4. Amrit says :

    All I know is that this aint Central 😛

  5. dandiya says :

    Is it the fact that there are half wheels on the border walls of the station. Which means its near that road bridge which has the same features… Tho i cant remember the bridge’s name….. Thanks to the n km barrier from hostel to main gate….

  6. Ravages says :

    I am going to guess Tidel or Velacherry too.
    And I didn’t find anything uniquely identifying. But that’s probably because I don’t take the MRTS often.

  7. Marc says :

    dandiya, do you mean the Napier Bridge?

  8. deepakd says :

    This is Lighthouse station…

  9. planemad says :

    you are theorotically correct 😛

    no thats not it, but it is an interesting observation

    nope, its pretty obvious its one of the stations after thirumylai, the phase 1 stations have curved roofs.

    Tch tch, anyone whos travelled on the mrts will notice two things very strange about this station, and its got nothing to do with the cleanliness or the lights, in fact all the phase 2 stations are pretty neat.
    Im not going to give out the answer that easily 😛 try your best

  10. T.U.Dinesh says :

    Velachery !!! Saw it in the movie Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu

    Okay, whats unique ? This station is not a over head one but is on the ground level … right ?

  11. planemad says :

    finally a confident answer. yep its velachery, and marc was the first to answer correctly.

    Its ground level all right but the picture doesnt give it away. Something else thats unique only to this station. hmm, might need to call in the expert on this.

  12. Karthik H says :

    HOW on earth did you get up to the spot to take this pic? 😛

  13. planemad says :

    someone notices, finally 😀

  14. Marc says :

    I assumed it was a foot overbridge. After the photo of the Ramar Sethu from a freakin’ aeroplane you can’t expect me to comment on the angle in this shot.

  15. Karthik H says :

    Thank you thank you…so how did u do it?

  16. planemad says :

    Haha, well its is from a fob. Velachery is the only station on the MRTS with a foot over bridge (and it has a subway too). Theres one more fob at the other end which is visible too.

    There’s one more thing special about this photo and the station

  17. Shivasubramanian A says :

    Is it the curved walls? Whenever I see those, I get a Victorian station feeling.

  18. planemad says :

    naw thats not it

  19. Shivasubramanian A says :

    Huh… the fact that there are 3 platforms?

  20. Karthik H says :

    ok…here’s a very very crazy thought…if that’s sunlight coming in thru the RHS, what the hell are the tube lights switched on for in the LHS? 😛

  21. planemad says :

    Thats exactly what i was looking for

    Oye, sunlight on one side in the middle of the evening? 😛

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