Chennai photo quiz #2


#1 was easy to guess as the possibilities were limited. This (i hope) is a little more tricky. What building is this? be specific

one guess per person

Answer Ravages gave me the exact answer i was looking for. Its the offices that can be seen from the atrium of Spencer Plaza phase III. This seems to be a much photographed angle as i found out later. Special mention to GVB for his early reply.


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9 responses to “Chennai photo quiz #2”

  1. Karthik says :

    Yea, Spencer’s Plaza it is. Been there, seen that 😉

  2. planemad says :

    damn, im going to have to up the difficulty level 😀

    considering you’re the velachery guy, can you spot the anomaly in #1 ? if you cant do it no one can 🙂

  3. Ravages says :

    Damn! I have a similar shot. I shoulda seen this earlier.

  4. Ravages says :

    To be specific, the Atrium area of Phase 3, looking up at the Cathedral like dome.

  5. nandan says :

    NOTE: Chennai’s Hit-And-Run Case

    1. Chennai’s own BMW version of hit-and-run case
    2. Are the Police under pressure to cover-up the Khemkas?
    3. The Police has to find the links of the accident pointing towards industrialist Khemka of NEPC – owners of the car
    4. The Police have found out that one of the Khemka scion – Achal Khemka was driving the car and fled the scene of the accident.
    5. The family is using pressure-tactics to make sure that the family and their reputation is saved.
    6. Several papers today highlighted an accident wherein two labourers were killed and ten hit by a Mercedes Benz car. The driver of the car is absconding.
    7. The Police have reported that they are unable to locate the details of the driver of the car, not considering that only a few such cars are in the city.
    8. The fact also that the car belongs to an affluent family which may be the reason the police is unwilling to expose them, but exploit the situation.

    Why not start a blog to focus on the hit-and-run cases? the recent khemka cover-up in chennai. that’ll b interesting


  6. planemad says :

    ok dude, will keep that in mind 😛 now to find myself some time for some investigative blogojournalism

  7. planemad says :

    And thats exactly the answer. #2 goes to you

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