In the arrear hole

Arrears – every anna university engineering student’s worst enemy. They decide to attack when you least expect, cling onto your marksheets like leeches, sometimes semesters at a stretch, sucking those precious marks off the aggregate which already lies below rock bottom. But worst of all is when they start multiplying like rabbits and your hall tickets turn into multi page documents, draining what little confidence you had in yourself and leaving your parents wondering if all those “my son is really intelligent, so engineering was the natural choice” at all those family parties was maybe a wee bit of exaggeration.

 The suckers have hounded me since my second semester, where i made my debut into the club with an arrear in environmental sciences, the one subject even the tamil medium students managed to pass because all you needed to do was write the words pollution, contamination and environment a hundred times over to fill 40 pages to get over 80 marks. I, unaware of the anna university evaluating procedures wrote 25 pages of meaningful sentences, in neat bulleted points, and got my ass whipped when the results were announced.

The face hiding and suffering that went with someone who was declared a failure in environmental studies was unbearable. I battled sleepless nights trying to figure out how me, a foreign schooled child, who wouldnt as much as throw his nose picking on the road, be subjected to such shame while 3rd rate retards who thought smoking weed indirectly helps the trees by giving them more co2, were enjoying their happy lives with an “all clear” tag.

Then came the window of light – the revaluation. Apparently you pay the university 400 bucks, and once the gods who decide our fate have received the cash, they roll a die and on getting their lucky number of the day, give you a pass. The reval results come out a month later and that F has been magically transformed into a P, no sorry note included for the mental suffering you had to endure however.

And as i found out three more sems, 4 more arrears and 4 successful revaluations later, this is quite a smart arrangement by the AU folks, cause in the end everyones a winner, the university gets their 400 bucks for each paper sent in by a desperate student. And the desperate student is awarded with a P, and you even gain some experience being locked into your room by your parents as an added bonus. Its much like giving your dog a treat.

Quite simple, or so i thought until my fifth arrear last sem turned up a negative reval result. Something had gone wrong, my paper was the simplest of the sem and i knew id ace it. Yet, i ended with a shocking 12/80. But i had paid the university the 400 bucks they wanted, i had the challan with me and even licked the hod’s rearside for a recommendation and all i got was a “no change” in my reval?! Something had gone wrong, terribly wrong.

It was then that i realised, it all depended on the roll of that die.


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102 responses to “In the arrear hole”

  1. Suraksha says :

    wrote 25 pages of meaningful sentences, in neat bulleted points, and got my ass whipped when the results were announced.

    oh, you naive child! *pained* 😮

  2. sethu says :

    hey that was a really good blog man…….i dont think it all comes to the dice matter in the end…..let me guess… far as ive heard it depends on the Dependant(s) of the one who corrects the examination(spouse)….if they are happy we are happy …. if they are angry we are whipped……so spouse of the one who corrects the paper is directly proportional to us…….this is wat my physics teacher told me in 12th……”un veelai nee nalla pannitu andavan mela baaratha podu”….:(i really donno y they bring him into the pic sad!!)

  3. planemad says :

    ahh. dark memories. i still remember when everyone laughed on my face when id told id written only 25 pages 😦

    my point was simple. luck period

  4. Karthik says :

    I kinda agree with you here. Anna Univ torments us with some form of stupid correction scheme. Everytime I expect good marks, I end up getting crappy marks.

    I doubt if the number of pages you write matters really. I normally do not write more then 26 – 30 pages myself. It’s what you write that matters, or so I believe.

    As far as the last paper goes, did you get a photocopy ? What paper was this ? Someone should probably sue Anna University if you have proof you have passed and yet they flunked you.

  5. planemad says :

    Problem is no one really knows whats goes on, ive seen coding experts fail in data structures and fellas with 85% aggregates flunk easy papers. Everyone has their own theories, the no of pages, handwriting, diagrams, the evaluator’s sexual activity, the brand of deodorant that you use and so on. But the one thing everyone agrees to is that they simply dont have time to read your papers, so there’s got to be something else.

    Then the marks come, gives you fits, you get the xerox and your teacher tells you you’re sure to pass, you send it for reval and you find out that the university was just interested in your money cause they make too damn little from their tution fees.

    Ive gotten 5 arrears out of which 4 cleared in reval. Who do i blame? i really dont know

  6. Marc says :

    The good news is that most companies don’t really care about how many arrears you have had as long as you have cleared the papers by the time they come to recruit you.

  7. raptures says :

    U complain so much sweetheart… Well, got to remember how ur Random process paper reval results baffled you. “There was nothing in the paper!” said you to me.
    Now wat dear friend, forgot that juicy bit of extravagant luck, or uncanny drunken leniency on the part of the correctors?

  8. Shruthilaya Jaipal says :

    Well, i do agree we get unlucky sometimes with marks after al. Expect 90, u get 80 sometimes even early 70… Amen to not go below that 😛

  9. Shruthilaya Jaipal says :

    P.S Raptures was only me. But u still justify ur random luck with ur RP paper 🙂

  10. Vyaas says :

    Which is why studying here isn’t worth it…

  11. Karthik says :

    But I guess Anna Univ has this weird knack of awarding more marks in some papers as well. So they kinda get compensated in the end.

    As for companies not caring about arrears, quite true. What matters is how much you know.

    The % and no of arrears are just ways to make sure that too many people don’t turn up for a job interview and give the interviewers a headache.

  12. planemad says :

    true, but it still puts you under mental stress.

    exactly, luck! how is that fair way to decide our results?


    but compensation doesnt do the trick, they ought to be giving us what we deserve, no more no less.

  13. bala says :

    anna univ s total waste,money minded and worse correction,it s sadam hussain and osama home town

  14. planemad says :

    sounds like someone’s got the rod

  15. Prasanna says :

    ve ur results come out?

  16. idlekid says :

    guys relax have hope,,,arrears are just part of life,,im a 2007 passed out,,i had a total of 54 arrears and when i wrote my final semester i had 9 arrears +2 current subjects,,i cleared them all and got a first class and only once i have applied for revaluation in my 3rd sem without any luck.if i can do it then u too can. all the best for your exams.

  17. balaji says :

    hi 2 all,
    can anyone give me a suggestion on clearing arrears
    now i’m in 8th sem & i’m having 20 arrear

  18. mad says :

    Arrears are a part of life,,, I got 25 arrears in last sem …plus 2 current papers….I cleared them all very easily and got 1st class,,Arrears affect only those who do not have the will,,,One should not ignore his pass time activities but should remember that studies build a carrer…Don’t play with your carrer !!!

  19. planemad says :

    ^ thats some good advice

  20. Narain says :

    Ah! I am reminded of my seventh sem paper titled Finite Element Analysis. A fully problematic subject, we got two theory big questions and the remaining 3 were mere attempts as the data given were insufficient. The result – nobody in class (or even Tamil Nadu) knew a shit in the paper. Many were unceremoniously failed. No surprise. But the biggest shock was that many got marks above 90!
    Even those who got 90 and above were totally clueless about this.
    Plain bullshit.

  21. Sagaro says :

    Arrears are a part of maintaining GFs. For every GF, you get one arrear free… is wokay… final sem, cut all your tails… and you shall clear it all… but before that hump them all … hump them…

    • Harsha says :

      You’re pathetic. Arrears come from not studying properly, not due to GFs, as your twisted fantasy leads you to believe.

  22. Lavanya says :

    Am a B.E graduate 2008. I had an unexpected arrear in my V Semester. I applied for revaluation,but all in vain.
    I didn’t mind about anything,I had the will to score more marks & my interest on the subjects increased tan before. I cleared that subject with 89% in my VI Semester.Just my confidence worked out there.My entire B.E % is 81.

    Don’t blame anyone for your own mistakes. Accept & recognize,come out of your negatives,work-it out. Success will be in your feet oneday.All the best.

    My kind advice to students who have arrear is don’t ever lose hope.No one than you can clear those arrears,that’s why you have those. Think positively. Study atleast two hours a day with full confidence.Study one subject daily,the important questions alone thoroughly,present it neatly. Am sure, you will clear all your papers in single attempt.Don’t lose hope.You can get your degree. All the very best students.

  23. bose says :

    sir i have 10 arrears,i do hard, but i could not able to clear the papers,pls help me,gie me any kind of job

  24. Amog says :

    Yes sir. Even I do hard. But I get one arrears. I need new college. You give?

  25. renu says :

    i have an arrear after my final sem(2008 passed out)..what class wud i get if i clear it in first attempt ..

    another question is when ll the be the results of exams would be announced.

    pls do reply..
    thank s in advance

  26. vijayaraghavan says :

    I am in my third semester and have an arrear in engineering mechnics got 22/80 i hope it gets cleared in revaluation.

  27. selva says :

    is it possible for a change of exam center with anna university. I am a BE CSE, 2001 regulation student of afiliated anna university student.

    do reply

  28. vijayaraghavan says :

    i got it cleared yes 56/100

  29. ashok says :


    i have 25 papers in 7th sem
    still current 3 more papers

    total 28 papers to clear in 8th semester

    sir can i clear all these paper in one semester!!!!!!

    pls give some advise !!!!!!!!

    thnk u

    • emruuuu says :

      ya u can…………..just try to write in good handwriting….. try to fill the pages upto 35…….underline the hendings…and draw the block diagrams alone correctly…..each questions should contain equal num of pages

  30. pri says :

    the web technology paper this sem was vry difficult.but almost 95% of the students hv cleared with 36…i m in my last sem and i hav had no history of arrears till now..but i got an arrear this time and i got only 19…will i clear if i apply for revaluation???i really feel this is my bad luck…wt ll happen??

  31. pinki says :

    i scored 25 out of 80 in my PQT this sem. will i be passed in revaluation. will grace marks be awarded. please help me

  32. SUMI says :

    anna university sucks , they need us to fill all 40 pages , they need to write story , i have seen a papar which is a micro proceesors , nothing answered right or apt for the questions they asked but that gal answered in many pages with her own progams wrong programs .. in her 1st evaluation she failed and got scored only 11/80 , then she applied for revaluation for 700 RS and then also RS.3000 since she had some professors at college as family friend they referred and signed that filthy paper evaluated for 36 which is least marks requied to pass in theory out of 80 , but the result was stunning she got cleared with 60 and she is top scorer in that subject ,,,, damn correcters ,,, money matters lot in anna univ…….

  33. Mohammed Thanish says :

    Nice Post man…. Anna Univ is run by a whole lot of ass clown sons of bitches…..

  34. Mohammed Thanish says :

    Nice post man…

    “unaware of the anna university evaluating procedures wrote 25 pages of meaningful sentences, in neat bulleted points, and got my ass whipped when the results were announced….”

    So true….Anna Univ is run by a whole lot of ass clown sons of bitches…..

  35. FOX says :

    man believe me its true am a student here in this fk hole an the same thing is happenin to me ………… roll of the die…….. next time i better pray rather than stuyin for my sem……..

  36. shankar says :

    a group dickheads correct our papers and we get fucked up for that..The whole system is a flaw… a system deep in shit

  37. sss says :

    i have 21 arrears including current, in the 7th sem.should i clear all in 8th sem? how many sem they will give after 8th sem for b.e-c.s.e?reply soon…

    • pavithran says :

      i am a 1st year student i wrote my
      1st semester exam in 2013 ,i
      cleared 5 subjects and i got 1
      RA,iam looking for revaluation.
      doubt is can i apply for
      revaluation ,i have written the exam
      some what well there is any
      chance of clearing that
      1paper ..????.please suggestme a
      idea …..

  38. planemad says :

    i’ve had my fair share of arrears during engineering, but 21??

  39. senthil says :

    i have arrear’s still passed out 2010
    how long their will be chance to clear arrear’s & to get 1st class

  40. manoj says :

    im passed out in 2010 i wrote arrear exam for 4 papers in nov/dec 2010 nd i got the result with 2 arrears and im in fear i want to clear those 2 papers in revaluation itself or not is there any possibilities to clear all im going to appear for reval of 700rs each paper that is total 1400 money is not important for me i want to clear those 2 papers in this revaluation itself plz give me some ideas to clear bcz till this sem oly for me 1st class but from next sem it is 2nd class i want to clear in this sem itself

  41. Lakshman says :

    Pasangala dont feel for arrears it is just like our class tests yenna for our class test it is 2 units we wrote for arrears its 3 units moreover keeping arrears and clearing gives so much kick( amusement nanba) which others missed it

  42. s.hemanth says :

    friends i have 18 arrear in complete of 5 th sem.
    now 6 th sem 18 + 7 totally 25 for 6 .
    i get surely 18+ arrear.iam 2008 reg batch.
    for me only 2 more sems.
    iam an eee student.
    i dono whether i clr in 9 th sem i get 1 class or not . any fnds say me
    for 2008 reg for how many sem they allowed to put in 1 st class.

  43. Thilak says :

    Can any one help me out how to clear Pqt,,?? this s my 7th sem..

  44. monisha says :

    i want to clear all the maths papers, for 1st,2nd and 3rd sem. now i am on 4th sem, PQT. i am struggling with this subject, plz do help so……………….

  45. Haridev V says :

    Oh man. I have my sem exams in 10 days and I’m thinking I’ll have an arrear in Maths. I’m like WTF after reading this blog!

  46. Suganya says :

    Those idiots are very cruel! They are playing in students life! We apply for revaluation and get cleared! Why should we pay for that? Its we who suffers lot! Waste of 400 bucks + 125 bucks Exam fees for that unreveled result and most important thing is its not the many that matters, the stress it creates on us is very worst! once we get cleared we should charge them by filing some case against them for the stress they creates on us!

  47. prasad says :

    if i have arrear in my 8th sem and if i cleared it in next attempt wat class i wil get please suggest me

  48. abdul says :

    I am having 6 arrears up to 8th sem , if i cleared it in 9 sem means what class i will get and how many sem they allowed to put in 1 st class. friends please any one suggest me

  49. Anna univ ruined my life says :

    26 papers in one chance ….what say???

  50. sha says :

    am 2011 passed out….i had 32 papers arrears… i somehow tried my level best and cleared all of them ….i got 2nd class .its alright… now am BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING…..i got a good job ……so.don’t worry abt arrears we are born with guts….tats why we decided to keep arrears..thinking tat we shall see later…….prove ur self…its ur time………

  51. s.rohitrathi says :

    how to clear the PQT PAPER ………………

  52. karthi says :

    everyone have own talent to write the exam so no have the stuffs

  53. karthi says :

    i like very much for this website

  54. karthi says :

    hai friends this using to share the feelings

  55. harish says :

    now i have 10 arrears am an final year student can i able to clear it

  56. dhukkaram says :

    short and sweet is the best way of thought that is only help to students and tamilnadu la wt english

  57. dhukkaram says :

    short and sweet is the best way of thought that is only help to students

  58. Kevin says :

    Me too the same problem man…… i hate this dreadful university that ruined my life…… Anna university u can kiss my ass…………..

  59. mecha says :

    someone help me to clear electric drives and control (mech)… writing it for 4 semesters till now…please

  60. Rahul says :

    Hi guys….I hav a doubt that if i finished my college and had some arrears will i lose 1st class? is there any extra timeperiod to get 1st class apart from tat 4yrs of college?…….

    • bala says :

      it depends on ya regulation….according to reg2008, if u clear ur arrears within two semesters after 4yrs and with 6.5cgpa[must] u ll get first class. even if u clear below 6.5 in 4th year its second class only.

  61. Sankar says :

    Now, I am in 8th sem, having 1arrear(no history of arrears). But every time I used to have 2-3 arrears and I was clearing them in revals or in reviews.This time around they’ve failed me. This is quite annoying at this critical juncture of my degree completion . I have already spent some 5000 bucks for revals(for none of my mistake) and these idiots have failed me. This is atrocious and there ain’t anybody to supervise or to regulate the corrections………This arrears are affecting my career prospects.

    • bala says :

      sankar…arrears after 4th year will ruin our career huh??…m writing my 8th sem now ….so far wrote it well but yet few papers there…u tell me clearly lik wat kinda prob ll come if i keep arrears further pls!!

      • Mohan says :

        what is pass mark for writing arrear paper after 3 attempts ?
        is 50/100 in exam considered pass ?

  62. saran says :

    I 2008 eee batch. Now i hav 15 arrs. Im going to clear.

    • bala says :

      write first three arrear papres well bcos they wont have internal marks…aim for 60 in all papres u ll surely pass…daily spend sometime wit book for ur future sake

  63. bala says :

    saran…internals after three attempts is zero so score above or = 50 in those arrears….

  64. saran says :

    2008-2012 batch.. still i hav 6arrears 5in 1st yr and 1 in 8th sem.. Is there any possibilities to do ME or MBA immediately…

    • bala says :

      no better sit n study six months for n write your exams well…6 papers are not a matter compared to wat u cleared all these days…if u pass all n get mark sheet ly can do higher studies….

  65. suriya prabha says :

    I finished my engineering but during my 3rd sem I din’t attend 4 exams… that i cleared in my 4th sem… but my 4th sem percentage is 6.421… now my overall percentage is 6.832.. can i qualify for first class?

    • bala says :

      Suriya ….the minimum eligibilty for first class is overall points 6.5 and arrear wont be a issue for first class . so u don’t have to worry about it.
      Note: This is the criteria for anna university. If u aren’t anna univ,mention it.

  66. suriya prabha says :

    I had arrear in 7th sem so i got my result along with my juniors on 14/07/2014…now i cleared all papers so when they will issue 8th sem marklist and provisional certificate for me? will they delay? I am from anna university..

    • bala says :

      Suriya….Congrats for ur result… I hv faced the same situation …it ll take more than a month for those to come except course completion certificate. Suppose you want to do higher studies immediate year via counselling, dont worry about this delay. Course completion and 8th sem result print out (duly attested by ur hod and principal) will be enough for admissions.

  67. sudhaswaminathan94 says :

    Great writing man! I can totally relate! I had cleared all my papers till 5th sem but with average marks only. However i got ONE arrear in a very easy theory paper in my 6th sem when i least expected one. You are right in saying that 40 pages of random shit is awarded better marks and 22 pages of meaningful sentences will fetch you a definite arrear!

    The most frustrating part is that now I’m not allowed to attend my campus placements due to a standing arrears. It sucks to be told that you’re not good enough to even be considered for an interview! It’s true how we feel totally worthless, all though we know we’re not when everyone around us has the tag of “all-clears” and we’re projected as the dumb-arrear-lot.

    AU like any other educational system awards mark only based on how well you “memorise stuff” and not on your understanding level, which is sad.

  68. jjj says :

    very bad cgpa annauniversity fake

  69. venkat says :

    hey, if we have arrear in 7th sem alone, will we get dat result along with 8th sem result or will it be published seperately….PLEASE tell me correctly, i am very worried.

  70. kannan says :

    when i wrote my test i left two page in 25 nd 26page again i wrote the answer .is they consider for valuation

  71. nirmàla says :

    Well said what is going on in university

  72. moorthy says :

    Like it…..

  73. kumar says :

    this website gives some motivation from everyone’s sharing…am a 2015 passed out student still having 11 arrears …

    i am good student upto 12th standard but after that i start loosing concentration and interest in studies , at first semester me with three students only all clear in my class but after final semester i am having eleven arrears and most of my best friends all are cleared and has started their careers, but am still lacking with those arrears and life going reversely

    my arrears starts from 2nd sem till now continuing but i don’t want after Nov/Dec 2015 exam, i have some confidence not too much,… i feel alone…. but somewhat happy about going to college again only with makku pasanga …

    and i wanna share that “Ella semlayum nalla padichu no histry of arrear nu name vangina ellorum intelligent kidaiyadhu at the same time arrears vachiruka ellorum fools kidaiyadhu engalukum talent iruku…idhu onnum punch dialogue illa the pain ‘, some of my friends laughed while am getting arrear , i never forgot them in my life ,sure this is the last time am going write semester exams in my life ….. GOD IS WITH ME(US)….

  74. tom says :

    I completed my course this year(2015),is there any way i could calculate my CGPA(genuine one) as i didn’t get my consolidated mark sheet because i was having arrers during my final sem….

  75. srinivasan says :

    I completed my arrear in July 2015 but now till my provisionall certificate will issue when will issue my certificate

  76. Ahmed says :

    Am an average student, also weak in derivations (becoz I won’t memorize the final step) and try my best to derive truly as much I can. Once in my ECE subject (DC) I have put a big effort to study a long derivation question and have practices many times of my own , also wrote in my internals/class tests many times.. Am saying about a single question becoz , mostly I’ll skip all derivations, but I really concentrated on that one and found myself very happy to derive a long answer successfuly, also I have concentrated , studied that subject to my best and finally the same question was asked in sem, wrote that answer well, derived successfully and that was the only exam in that sem I openly agreed with my frnds, that I wrote well and will get good grade. but asusual the result was shocking, got failed in that sub along with some sub, worried, frustrated, applied Reval (1st 300₹) from my part time job savings.. And was waiting for one month and when i saw the paper , shocked .. I got 38 marks, and mark for that derivation is not entered in front.(left blank), zero vl b entered if the answer was wrong, but actually he/she forgot to enter. Also entered 0 for two correct two marks.. Therefore I should have scored 58 atleast , but becoz of their carelessness I spent 700₹..(2nd 400₹ to apply). But got C grade after Reval result. So if I thought myself as an avg guy and left without Reval , I should be writing that until I get pass.. Now who ll give me 700?? How many sub I have failed becoz of their carelessness?? Bull shit I will study next sub with interest?

  77. Kavitha says :

    Give that correction department number…. i have only 2 papers, still i cant clear that papers 😦 so decided to clear the papers without attending the examinations… is it possible!! pls clear my doubts :”( there is an any hope pls tell me

  78. sibi says :

    There is no possible to clear without attending the exam

  79. santhosh kumar says :

    is it possible for a change of exam centre from coimbatore to chennai. I am a BE CSE(2011-15), 2008 regulation student of afiliated anna university student.
    i googled a lot for the answer but cant get it..please do help me guys

  80. Arrearadvisor says :

    Lol… Nice blog. M in 3rd sem mech.. I had 4 arrears in the 1st sem itself. I was really worried about how i was going to clear those and the oncoming papers as i really thought that i would pass… Thats when my senior told me “the etiquette” to be followed. He told me to attend all questions (atleast 2.5 pages for 16 marks)and write even utter bullshit if i dint know anything, same follows for 2 marks. I followed his advice for the arrears as well as those current 2nd sem papers. I only study 5 hrs before the exam. I cleared 8/10 papers in 2nd sem.. the 2 remaining were math1 and math2 for which this “strategy” cant work.i wrote thermodynamics today which i would definitely fail. Lol

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