Chennai photo quiz #3

#2 was answered within 10 minutes of putting it up, so im forced to put up a slightly more difficult one this time.

You would need to know a bit of chennai’s geography to get this one right. You can see 3 parallel road like features, name them (from left to right), and also the locality.

 Answer celacaw got it right, its the east coast road, buckingham canal and the rajiv gandhi salai. The photo is about 4 years old so a lot of buildings are missing, however i had left the mrts track on the bottom right as a clue, which no one seems to have noticed. Joseph Antony got it spot on.


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12 responses to “Chennai photo quiz #3”

  1. ramanujam says :

    I guess Egmore , Central and the Buckingham canal.

    Both the extremes looks like rail tracks

  2. celacaw says :

    Looks like ECR, Bucks and OMR and the picture is inverted

  3. Karthik says :

    Even I thought ECR, OMR, but I can’t seem to identify anything in the pic….

  4. ravages says :

    Guessing it’s GN Chetty Road, Thyagaraya Road and VenkatNarayana road, leading out of Panagal Park.

  5. ravages says :

    Nope. I am wrong. Damn!
    Gimme a min, will tell you.

  6. ravages says :

    OK, this cannot be OMR, ECR and Buckingham canal for the simple fact that this area is not densely populated, and besides, you don’t see any of the new construction here.

    But, there’s a lot of greenery here, and a lot of open space, which points to either South Madras or West(Ashok Nagar/KK/Anna Nagar). This, the presence of greenery, rules out Egmore and Central, for North Madras, especially around the Central are not this green. And besides we’d have seen Nehru stadium in the frame.

    My best guess, taking in all the above points is, somewhere around Lattice Bridge Road or Indra Nagar, Adyar. It could even be Besant Nagar, but I go with Adyar area. Not going to be specific here.

  7. Joseph Antony says :

    Its ECR, Buckingham canal and OMR (Rajiv Gandhi Road) from left to right. OMR can be identified by the two bends seen in the bottom of the photo and the taramani road going perpendicular to it. Also, the RMZ millenia road is seen joining the OMR at the far end (top) of the photo.

  8. Ramanujam says :

    Answer dude???

    OMR, ECR seems to be the one as many have said!

  9. planemad says :

    celacaw got it, the answer is on top.

  10. muthu says :

    i chanced onto your site while searching the web for the progress of the metro in madras. appreciate the liveliness and the sense of attachment you have for the great city. i always wondered how this place on earth (probably the worst city in terms of weather) ever grew to be one of the liveliest metropoli around. it’s probably because madras always had people like you.. keep it up and i will be a regular visitor henceforth. on a separate note i’m one of the active members of madras bulls – one of madras’ best rider clubs. do a story on us and im sure you will have another of your to-do’s crossed out 🙂

  11. planemad says :

    hey muthu, thanks for your comments. I’ll drop you a mail soon 🙂

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