Chennai photo quiz #4

#3 doesnt seem to be getting to many responses, so ill go ahead with the next one.

This poor guy seems to have been placed into a not so attractive spot. Who is he and what is he doing there? 

 Answer  by Ramanujam. Its the statue of Jawaharlal Nehru that used to stand at the centre of Kathipara junction roundtana, and has now been sidelined due to the construction of south india’s biggest cloverleaf interchange at that spot. The statue will be reinstalled in one of the four loops of the grade seperator.


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4 responses to “Chennai photo quiz #4”

  1. Ramanujam says :

    The Nehru statue which was in the center of Kathipara Junction.

    Since the Grade separator is being constructed there Chacha ji is standing in the barren land in front of the Hindustan college office!

  2. Karthik H says :

    This one’s easy man! Nehru Statue which was at the Kathipara Junction was shifted near the Hindustan Coll Office, Deserted Mostly…

  3. planemad says :

    spot on. looks like i underestimated the people of chennai.
    things will get tough now, i promise 😉

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