Chennai photo quiz #5

its obviously a chennai park, and its hidden from the public eye

#4 was once again, a lot easier than i had imagined. Im going to make things really challenging, so will even be cutting out any clues from the photos.

This place is absolutely wonderful and peaceful, save fo a snake that came out of the bushes and chased me. What is this place called?

More... Answer celacaw once again shocked me with the right anwer, which i was sure no one would get. It is the Adyar Eco Creek Park, which is under development at MRC Nagar. Although construction is expected to take another two years, an exhibition and a small park has been set up which is quite impressive.

adayar poonga exhibition 

The plans for the park itself are quite ambitious and can only make you dream. Lets hope this goes through, would be just beautiful.

masterplan map of the adayar eco creek park on the adayar river backwater 


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12 responses to “Chennai photo quiz #5”

  1. ravages says :

    My first guess was the new park on Haddow’s Road, next to Oxford Bookstore.
    Second guess, from the building seen far to the left – Nehru Park on Poonamalle High Road, or some park closer to Central/Egmore station. Could it possible be the Traffic Police commissioner’s place on Poonamalle High road, opposite St. Andrew’s Kirk?

    Not sure.

  2. planemad says :

    one guess ravages, one guess 😀 pick one

  3. celacaw says :

    The new Adyar Eco Park on greenways road?

  4. T.U.Dinesh says :

    the one at nandanam kotturpuram junction, before the bridge and beside boat club

  5. ravages says :

    I’ll go with TUD’s guess as well. Right before the Kotturpuram bridge

  6. sethu says :

    is this the new park opened in shenoy nagar?? which even has a skating rink…..resembles it though!!

  7. sethu says :

    or it has to be ECR dhabba!! lol any one of those 2…..but i like to stick on to first!!

  8. Prasanna says :

    I think i will gow with T.U.D’s guess as well.

  9. planemad says :

    adayar park? is that even open?

  10. celacaw says :

    Looks like the Adyar Eco Park I was talking about isnt open yet. You can find the details at

  11. planemad says :

    Thanks for the link celacaw, and you are correct 😀

    And looks like none of you have been to the kotturpuram park 😛

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