Chennai photo quiz #6

idli doas vadai

#5 was a tough one, yet it got answered, still havent been able to stump you guys with anything 😦

This sign look familiar?where would you find it?

 Answer Its the Murugan Idly Kadai at Besant Nagar – Ravages


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12 responses to “Chennai photo quiz #6”

  1. Ravages says :

    Murugan Idli shop on G.N Chetty Road.

  2. Suraksha says :

    goshdarnit! i actually knew this one! 😦 someone bar ravages from answering the quiz! 😛

  3. planemad says :

    this lasted just 5 minutes. shortest one till date 😛
    would love to have that neon sign in my bedroom.

    ravages wasnt entirely correct either 🙂

  4. T.U. Dinesh says :

    north usman rd murugan idly …

  5. Ravages says :

    @Suraksha: Er, sorry. This is what happens when you work in an ad agency and have nothing much to do.

  6. Karthik H says :

    Murugan Idly shop…period.. 😛

    And I thought it was gna get tougher!

  7. planemad says :

    Its the one at Besant Nagar, although i dont think theres any way of telling that from the pic

    what one finds easy, some others may find tough. im wondering how to give everyone a fair chance

  8. Dynesh says :

    Would have said Besant Nagar anyway..something about the window seems familiar. Only kidding – they’re all the same aren’t they?

  9. Marc says :

    I was going to say the one at Besant Nagar but the people saying GN Chetty road seemed confident.

  10. Karthik H says :

    “would love to have that neon sign in my bedroom.”

    saying what? Idly vadai dosai? Lol… 😛

  11. planemad says :

    ^ yep, that would be so cool, with the buzzing noise and al

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