Chennai photo quiz #7



Where is it and whom would you find inside?

 Answer this one was probably way too simple, its the Mount Road police station opposite spencer plaza, Ramanujam got it.


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6 responses to “Chennai photo quiz #7”

  1. Ravages says :

    I was there y’day. And took a shot as well, with the intention of posting and asking the same q.
    So I shall not answer this one. But I do think you ought to get it a little more difficult than this.

  2. planemad says :

    more difficult? shall, i shall 🙂
    but it doesnt look like anything is tough enough.

  3. Ramanujam says :

    Mount Road!
    Police MamaaS!

  4. Ram N says :

    Anna Salai police station opp Spencers and behind Stanford MBA institute in pattulos road.

  5. planemad says :

    ok maybe that was too simple

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