Chennai photo quiz #8

aerial view of chennai


I maybe heading out of the city for a little holiday, so maybe this one could keep you guessing for a few days and also satisfy those who wanted a tougher one.

Identify the locality. Happy guessing 😀

 Answer Shiva has showed me that no picture is ever going to be difficult enough for you guys. This is an aerial view of the Mylapore-Abhiramapuram area. There were two identifiable features, the most prominent being the MRTS track at the bottom. The change in it colour at the left side is the point where the PhaseII extension after Mylapore began. While phase I used normal ballasted tracks, the extension made use of a concrete trackbed like in the Delhi Metro. The second feature is the Alwarpet flyover at the top, next to the Old lifestyle building. Both of which was brilliantly explained by Shiva.


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18 responses to “Chennai photo quiz #8”

  1. Ravages says :

    The Sardar Patel road flyover, near IIT M?

  2. Ravages says :

    One more guess, just to queer the pitch further. The Irumbuliyur flyover (connecting NH45 and NH4, via Tambaram) near Porur lake?

  3. Ravages says :

    And one more guess, but I shall take back the previous one – of Porur.

    This is the LatticeBridge road flyover, the arm we see leads to Besant Nagar and Tiruvanmiyur.


  4. Shivasubramanian A says :

    It surely must be a locality served by the MRTS. The ‘bridge’ to Ravages looks like the MRTS line to me.

  5. Ravages says :

    @Shivasubramanian: I thought it was MRTS at first as well, but on closer, and longer looks, it looks to me like a flyover. If you notice, to the left, the colour of the ‘bridge” changes from dark grey to light. To me that marks where concrete section of the bridge ends and where the tarred area begins. (On both ends of a bridge)

  6. Shivasubramanian A says :


    I too noticed the difference in colour but I drew different conclusions. My guess is between Mandaveli and Mylapore stations on the MRTS, coz that’s where the track changes from stone ballast to cement. This gives a change in colour, which you can easily identify.

    Also, at the top left of the pic is a bridge, which can further be used to determine the location. On checking WikiMapia, if my guess about Mandaveli – Mylapore area is correct, then it should be the TTK Road bridge and the building near it Lifestyle.

  7. Karthik H says :

    Its definitely not an MRTS line…cuz the only places where the lines descend/ascend (simple enuf to spot) are near the Fort Station (where it goes under another flyover, so not there) and near the Velachery station (1 guess this looks too developed to be velachery, and can’t seem to remember another flyover near velachery area)…

    So it’s gotta be a flyover…dunno which though.. 😛

  8. outsider says :

    i thnk shiva is correct and this is mylapore

  9. outsider says :

    but what tall buildings are there for shooting this photo??

  10. Shivasubramanian A says :


    I don’t think there are any buildings so tall enough for such a huge swathe of the area to appear… this must be from an airline.

  11. planemad says :

    flabbergasted is the word! Shiva, youre a real hawk. Not only did you explain the change in the viaduct color but also found the alwarpet flyover hidden in the corner of the photo. amazing 😀

    Karthik and Ravages, next time 🙂

  12. planemad says :

    and its obviously been taken from an aircraft 🙂

  13. Shivasubramanian A says :


    Thanks for the compliment… I was waiting breathlessly all these days hoping you’d come back soon with the answer!!

  14. T.U.Dinesh says :

    @ shiva

    man . you rock .

  15. arvind says :

    well,nice idea to keep readers engrossed..

  16. ravages says :

    But after Shiva explained it, I knew he had to be right. And then I went on to G/Earth and found that it was so.

  17. planemad says :

    thanks. something a little interactive for a change 🙂

    not to worry, you’ll have plenty more to try 🙂

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