Chennai photo quiz #9


A simple question, where was this photo taken from?

 Answer Shyam got it right. The road on the right is the Poonamallee High Rd and the Government General Hospital opposite Central is visible. The road to the left is the Muthuswamy bridge over the railway line between Fort and Park stations. The photo itself was taken from the Fort Station foot overbridge, identified correctly by Shiva, good work!


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14 responses to “Chennai photo quiz #9”

  1. Gads says :

    The road where the bus is waiting is Radhakrishnan Salai I guess..

    I’m not able to identify the road perpendicular to it.

  2. Shyam says :

    Intersection where Poonamallee High Road ends, beyond Central and GH. The perpendicular road is P.H. Road, Central’s parking lot high mast lamps are visible in the right; and tall building in upper part of photo is probably the new GH building. Traffic is continuing to/from Mount Road from High Court/Esplanade in the bottom of the photo.

  3. lekhni says :

    T.T.K. road and C.P. Ramaswamy Road?

  4. varun says :

    Is it beach road ?

  5. Shivasubramanian A says :

    Just checked Google Earth…

    Did you take the photo from the FOB that connects Fort Station and this road?

  6. ravages says :

    Looks to me like Guruswamy bridge and P.H Road junction, Zero point Madras.

    If this photo was taken recently, just to the left, outside the frame, is a big, un-appealing hoarding for a bank loan from some state owned bank. It has the words IIT/IIM/ etc.

  7. planemad says :

    yep thats right. taken from the fort fob.

    so this is zero point? i thought i t would be parrys corner

  8. planemad says :

    and the pic is about a year old, i hate those filthy hoardings/stickers pasted all over the city, ugh 😦

  9. Ravages says :

    Yeah. Guruswamy bridge in Zero Point.

  10. Doodee says :

    Thanks for sharing

  11. thamilannan says :

    nice angle
    keep it up


  12. planemad says :

    @doodee @raams
    thanks 🙂

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