Creating the ultimate mashup

All the geek talk on the block somehow seems to revolve around mashups these days. Mashups, quite a tasty sounding word i know, but unfortunately its not something that you can put into your mouth, rather its the term for nifty little applications created by bringing together existing web content from different sources and integrating it into to bring you something a lot more useful.

The best part about them is that you make use of content already available in the web galaxy. However, making applications always involved reading through insomnia-curing api documentation and knowhow of html, javascript and other stuff that could make you forget english.

 This is where Yahoo pipes seems to have come in. Its a gui based tool that can help you create mashups. I was a little sceptical when i read stuff like “pipes makes mashups as simple as raspberry pudding”, but today when i actually gave y! pipes a try, it really is not as difficult as pudding, in fact its so simple that i was able to actually create a rudimentary little mashup which took the bitterscotch feed and filtered it giving only the photo quiz as the output. All this in just a couple of clicks and 5 minutes. wahey!

So even more interesting is that fellow geek Bosky is organising an unconference on Yahoo!Pipes here in Chennai, which will feature an introduction, tasty snacks, a demo and workshop. If you are capable of moving your mouse, then you are an eligible candidate for using Y!pipes. So head out to the pipesCamp tomorrow (10AM Sunday, 23 December) and find out what pipes is all about.

The venue is near Koyambedu junction (map), so getting buses from any part of the city is not a problem.

Update a small boo boo, i just checked the map and looks like google placed the hotel in the middle of the koyambedu market. THIS is the correct location.

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