Chennai photo quiz 10

the clock tower in chennai, look familiar? perhaps a little too easy?


This one should be interesting 😀  Name the place.

 Answer Its the Mint Clock tower at Vallalar Nagar – Shiva

Although at first glance, looks like the Royapettah clock tower, its got quite a few differences, most prominent being its new coat of paint and the fact that its better maintained.

The Royapettah Clock Tower


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12 responses to “Chennai photo quiz 10”

  1. Ravages says :

    Triplicane clock tower? Cannot be Royapettah.

    The only other clock tower that looks like this one is in Purasaiwalkam/Vepery, but that one has a flyover running all around it. Which’s not visible in this photo.

    So I am going to guess this is the clock tower in Triplicane.

  2. planemad says :

    i knew this would be interesting. Nope, not Triplicane, and i never knew we had a clock tower there either. i stumbled upon this one by accident really, and for a moment i thought i’d found some secret passage to Royapettah 😀

  3. Shivasubramanian A says :

    Now this is just a wild guess.. Any chance it is the clock tower at Mint a.k.a Vallalar Nagar? I have been travelling there these past few weeks, so I felt it could be that one…

  4. Giridhar says :

    this is the royapettah clock tower

  5. Ravages says :

    I am not sure this is the Royapettah CT. It went through a bit of a facelift last year, grey paint dabbed on and a bit of trimming around.

    My office for a year and half was in the Royapettah area and I had to pass through the clock tower there often.

    It doesn’t look like the RPT-CT’s clock face either.

    But then, I could be very wrong and my observation powers are pathetic.

  6. dhans says :

    Its near stanley hostipal in mint

  7. Navneeth says :

    How can it be Roypettah? PlaneMad already said that he thought he’d found some secret passage to Royapettah. Obviously, then, this isn’t the RCT.

    Oh, yeah…Hi, I’m Navneeth. 🙂

  8. planemad says :

    Shiva once again get it,, it is the Mint Clock tower, Vallalar Nagar. Take a break today and enjoy your holiday, services will resume tomorrow 😀

  9. planemad says :

    Heya Navneeth, nice to see you here 😀

  10. pdilip says :

    Guess someone found it !! Cool series.. Any progress on the logo? BTW, I’ve moved my blog to I realise that its the second time, but then its for the greater good 🙂 🙂

  11. Lewispj says :

    Good post., bro

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