Chennai photo quiz 11

this is a picture of mount road,but then somethings not right


As i came to find out quite recently, while guys like shiva breeze through whatever i seem to post, not everyone finds the quiz all that simple. So for their benefit i’ll be putting up a good combination of easy ones and slightly tougher ones at regular intervals. This should be one of the easier ones. Whats wrong with this picture?

Answer This is the LIC bus stop on mount road with the Tarapore towers in the centre, The LIC building however is missing –SLN

LIC building on anna salai, once the tallest in chennai

The LIC building, when inaugurated in 1959, was the tallest skyscraper in India. Sadly, at present, Chennai has the lowest skylines among the major indian cities.

tallest building in india once upon a time
Copyright, The Hindu, 1959


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7 responses to “Chennai photo quiz 11”

  1. SLN says :

    Hi Planemad,

    I am a little late into this series but better late than never.

    LIC is missing or rather cropped.


  2. Shyam says :

    Yup…LIC bus stop but no LIC…. 🙂

  3. Ravages says :

    Late I am. Miss I had to.
    Quite a bit of photoshop work there, mate

  4. planemad says :

    ok, thats right, but i didnt expect it to be so obvious either.

    Not quite, a bit simple really. But i just realised that ive seriously botched up the image, i forgot to restore the streetlights properly *knocks myself on the head*

  5. Ambika says :

    I wouldn’t use the word “sadly” for Madras’ low skyline….

    Great photo shop work!

  6. Ravages says :

    The photo from 1959 shows trees in the median and on the sidewalk. Danm! What have we lost since then?

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