Chennai photo quiz 15


where am i?

 Answer Cafe Mocha at Khader Nawaz Khan road, Nungambakkam – Navaneethan Santhanam

The cafe is located in a renovated bungalow and is a must visit specially for the ambience and to have a laugh at the waiters in their fez hats. The setting is great, the crowd and mosquitoes, unfortunately is not.


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9 responses to “Chennai photo quiz 15”

  1. Navneeth says :

    As the picture loaded, I thought it was at your house, but then I realised that the whole thing was too loud to be someone’s home. 😛

    Although I haven’t been to the place myself, my first guess was Mocha, too.

  2. Navneeth says :

    Oh, I also wanted to request/suggest that you post lesser-known “landmarks” in future quizzes. There are so many places along the most-travelled roads that we know but don’t recognise immediately. Tea stalls/”snakes” bar, bus stops, the recently dug pit for telephone/water works/your favourite dept. of the corporation, etc. 🙂

  3. Ravages says :

    Now I have no idea. Could be Mocha (but I haven’t been there in ages.)

  4. Navaneethan Santhanam says :

    From Arun unusual silence, I’m guessing Mocha is incorrect. Could it be an art gallery?

  5. sethu says :

    i accept the color combination….i.e the contrasting dark colors invokes mocha as my first thought…..saw the bathroom which is converted as a hangout room in 1st floor mocha damn awesome…….

  6. planemad says :

    yep mocha it is.

    Oye Navaneethan, you think im attached to the pc eh? 😛

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