at jaipur raailway station

from the most difficult point of the trip. Location: Jaipur Railway Station, Time: 0530, Temperature: ~3°C

This is where we spent 5 gruelling hours on 17 January, after our ride at 0115 to Agra was packed to capacity, and we didnt have enough cash for an upgrade to sleeper or for a room. The next train was at 0600.

From  L to R: PlaneMad, LSD, Andy


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9 responses to “..back”

  1. Ravages says :

    Who photo tooken?

  2. dhans says :

    is it a timer shot?

  3. Prasanna V Seshadri says :

    Good to see u back…so the chennai photo quiz will resume in a while,i guess..and re u gonna upload ur trip pics?

  4. Sagaro says :

    Looks like you had a lot of fun… ah! Damn I envy you ….

  5. Dynesh says :

    As long as it wasn’t minus 3 :)..still, looks like it was one heck of a trip…

  6. planemad says :

    yep, timer shot

    Too many to upload, maybe i’ll do it gradually over time. And yeap, the photo quiz after i’m back after my blr trip this weekend.

    More thrills than fun actually, this is what happens when sagaro inspires someone 😛

    Damn, im glad to live in chennai where i can drown in my own sweat without moving a muscle. The cold is just depressing after a while.

  7. Dynesh says :

    Fully second your opinion on chennai’s weather. It gets so cold here 5 layers of clothing are needed. And the cold still goes down to your bones…

  8. planemad says :

    and then when it strikes april-may, one thinks how great some frostbites would be.

    I guess no place has perfect weather, just got to take it whichever way it comes

  9. Sonu says :

    @Dynesh. Are you talking about Chennai (India). Cuz Its never cold here… The only two weathers here are Hot and Warm with a lot of rain to wash it down. 🙂

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