Chennai photo quiz 17

 a portion of the chennai mrts

well, its been a long wait for many of you guys.  and since im not able to bear the pokes any longer, here it is


Where am i standing?

 Answer The Sardar Patel Road bridge over the buckingham canal, outside Kasturba Nagar Station. The station in the picture is the Kotturpuram MRTS station – M Chet

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14 responses to “Chennai photo quiz 17”

  1. Amrit says :

    This is the Rajiv Gandhi Road, where Tidel Park is there, right?

  2. lemonade says :

    since u said it wasn’t the it corridor..i’m gonna take a wild guess n say that it was somewhere near greenways road!

  3. Prasanna V Seshadri says :

    Is this near mandeiveli MRTS station?But how on earth were u able to bear the stink???!!!

  4. m chet says :

    Are you on Sardar Patel road bridge near cancer institute in Adyar (looking towards Kotturpuram)?

  5. venkster says :

    sp road , between the cancer institute and clri , under the mrts bridge ?

  6. msnarain says :

    Near Sai Baba temple in Mylapore!

  7. Ravages says :

    My guess, in Kotturpuram, the back-road connecting Adyar’s and Kotturpuram.

    YOu get to this road by turning left after the OMR/Madhya Kailash signal and go through the crowded market area of Kottur.

  8. Ravages says :

    Err, pliss to ignore superflous/incorrect usage of the ‘s


  9. Navneeth says :

    Yup, that’s the Kotturpuram station. At first I was a little confused, since these days I see families of pigs wallowing in mud underneath the bridge. And then, I saw the date on which the pic was snapped. 🙂

    C, Don’t you mean turning right (coming from TIDEL towards Madhya Kailash)? A picture like this is only possible from the bridge next to the Kasturbai Nagar station, if I’m not mistaken. (Unless, of course, Arun has something to say about his pair of anti-gravity boots that the US Govt. secretly sent him. ;))

  10. T.U. Dinesh says :

    Its from the small bridge where only people can walk and two wheelers can move. This bridge connects Indira Nagar and Taramani.

  11. planemad says :

    i’m actually surprised so many got it wrong. This one was quite simple especially can be easily identified by the tiled red roof – kotturpuram.

    So two possible locations – one is greenways road, but then you would see the adyar river cut across the canal.
    The only other location is kasturba nagar. Its taken from the bridge on SP road outside kasturba nagar station.

  12. planemad says :

    and first to get it was m chet, and good job navneeth 😀

    I think it had rained when i took the pic and the water was flowing in the canal, so the stink was bearable

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