Chennai photo quiz 19


On which road am i standing?

Answer Its the Poonamallee High Road – Prasanna V Seshadri

For those wondering where the church is, its the St Andrew Kirk, hidden behind the trees next to Egmore railway station. The buildings in the background is the CMDA headquarters in Egmore.

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9 responses to “Chennai photo quiz 19”

  1. Ravages says :

    Ah. That could be difficult.
    Two choices – either the road that derives its name from the object in the picture, or the road that led to my old office.

  2. Ravages says :

    Sorry. I could be wrong.

    * Note to self: Think first. Comment later. *

  3. Navaneethan Santhanam says :

    Cathedral Road? Is this the church by the American Consulate?

  4. Prasanna V Seshadri says :


  5. Ashwin says :

    Is it that santhome road ?? parallel to the beach..

  6. lemonade says :

    poonamallee high road..and that’s st. andrew’s kirk..

  7. dhans says :

    Poonamallee high road …. near egmore

  8. Susheel Chandradhas says :

    Lemonade gets it right… Been there too often… almost every sunday since I was a kid.

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