Chennai photo quiz 20


Where would i be standing?

This photo was take during the second chennai photowalk .  And for those of you not in the know, the chennai photowalk is a monthly congregation of small time photo geeks armed with bazooka lenses (and little ones, like me) who have nothing bettter to do than spend a Sunday morning walking around the lanes of madras meeting random people on the road, chatting with the cops, annoying the security guards, jaywalking, drinking filter coffee, laughing loudly, learning a little history and attracting a lot of unneeded attention.

The walk is organised by Chennai’s very own published author, captain Ravages ( 😀 ) so keep an eye out on his blog for details of the march edition if you plan to join the mob. Clothes mandatory, camera optional.

Answer  Its the mouth of the cooum taken from the Napier bridge – Ravages

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12 responses to “Chennai photo quiz 20”

  1. Ravages says :

    Not only where you are standing, but also when and with whom.
    This is the Cooum at Napier’s Bridge. Shot on the second Chennai Photowalk.

  2. Navneeth says :

    Hehe…I saw this pic in my contacts’ photos at Flickr and thought to myself, “Hey, that must be from the second walk!” And then, when I saw the link to this post, I knew CC would’ve replied to this already. 😀

  3. Ashwin says :

    Was this taken from broken bridge ??

  4. Prasanna V Seshadri says :

    Napier paalam arugil?

  5. planemad says :

    damn, thats right. i thought the clean water and greenery would have people confused

  6. Navneeth says :

    Clean? Water? That thing’s neither clean nor water. 😛

  7. Ravages says :

    My version of the story:

  8. Ravages says :

    WTF? WordPress doesn’t allow <img > tags?

  9. Navneeth says :

    I do not think any HTML works here, i.e., in the comments section of this blog. Is that right, Mr.PlaneMad?

  10. planemad says :

    Ravages, you’ve got me curious. what was the photo about?

    Navneeth, no idea mate

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