The inadvertent tourist guide

There are a bunch of aussie blokes in town (three truck bus loads to be precise), and by a clever twist of fate, the person in charge of showing them around, knows someone, who knows someone, who knows my friend’s friend. They need ten local chaps to accompany the horde and fascinate them with cock and bull stories to distract them from the growing blotch of sweat around their underarms, and it just so happens that they were one short of ten (9). This is where i become a part of the story.

Details are sketchy, but apparently the itinerary involves  a trip to the harbour, 5star cuisine and AC bus rides. I’m supposed to show up at Xxxxxxx Bus stand at XX:30 in the morning in a black pant, shoes, and a shirt. This would normally invoke strong protests from me, but then a certain sum has been promised, and thats enough for me to even walk their kangaroos and milk them twice if they so wished.

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4 responses to “The inadvertent tourist guide”

  1. Ravages says :


    If you need one more in that 10.

  2. Sagaro says :

    Awesome! Good good… treat me someday.

  3. planemad says :

    Ravages, hehe, if only you knew what i went through

    fat chance 😛

  4. Jagadish says :

    i don knw y tes guys r so obessed wit black pants….tese don even wear a pant here…evry ausie i see here wears a striped shorts 😀 lol !

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