they were’nt aussies


but a cruise load of whiny, north americans living their end years blowing away all their leftover stash of green, a dollar at a time. To document the events of the day  might just require a new blog, so i shall just have to leave you with some interesting visuals, mostly from the rain drenched harbour.

and a few from mahabalipuram and a lovely farmhouse on east coast road called ‘the only place’ where lunch was arranged

and i officially earned my first dollar 😀

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5 responses to “they were’nt aussies”

  1. Suraksha says :

    Duuuuuuude. Where’s that photo of you at Mahabs? 😛

    Ooh, and like your header!

  2. InWantOfBeingMe says :

    Nice pictures. Seems like an interesting change to go around and see places and get paid for it too 🙂

  3. Dynesh says :

    Too bad. Dollar and all is quite good, but you should have hijacked the trip. Taken the old farts for a ride on a 21H and lunch at a kayendhi bhavan…

  4. Ms. Jen says :

    Danged North Americans… nothing but trouble.


  5. planemad says :

    thanks. and that photo you want in public eh? 😛 wait wait

    thanks. what actually happened was a little shitty, but then the cash sort of made up for it 🙂

    hahaha 😀

    yep, whiny creatures they are. But then India is really not suited for these cruise crowds, so i dont blame them

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